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  1. Do you seriously believe he went to the back and damaged your phone?! I suppose it's a possibility but a little far-fetched. It doesn't hurt him any to swap out your phone for a refurb. It doesn't take much to turn those stickers pink. Sweat, if you use the phone while jogging; or even having the phone in the bathroom while you shower and use it to listen could cause enough condensation to turn it pink. This is the way it is with any phone though -- a manufacturer is not about to take a phone back that has water damage. You can always get the battery replaced regardless of water damage. No, it's not going to be free like it would under warranty but you can get it done, or you can do it yourself even. Alternatively, you can get something like the mophie juicepack (a case with an extended battery in it.) -- at&t put out a press release a little while ago in response to these verizon ads: http://www.att.com/gen/press-room?pid=14002 I've had at&t since '04 . Not perfect, but not bad enough that I've considered switching to another provider. None of them are perfect. Verizon is pushing the Droid hard because it's about their only decent smartphone. It's not about to overtake the iphone though.
  2. Regardless of who wrote it, all good points imo.
  3. You have four external ip addresses? I clicked.
  4. C'mon! It's sounding like you're going to go forward with this regardless of what you've been told here. The bank will check it. The scammer is hoping it'll be passed off as legitimate for just long enough for you to get the money out. The bank inevitably will find that it's fake and you're going to be the one they come after to collect the money you stole from them (the bank). It doesn't matter what's in the box! This is *obviously* a scam. No question. Don't even accept the package. Even if it were to be full of laptops they're either garbage, hot or both. Then you're accepting stolen goods.
  5. It doesn't matter. Fact is, you're passing a bad check. be it fake or stolen, it doesn't matter. Also, from what I understand places like wal-mart won't cash a non-employer or government issued check. You're going to need to go to a bank and either open an account or give them enough information that they can track you down with.
  6. The bank may cash the check if it looks legit. Once they realize that it's not guess who they're coming after... You. Then you're out a lot of money. Seriously, who would send you a bunch of money then have you send it back. Anyone in the right mind, even if it was pre-written would cash it themselves and get one in the correct amount. If you've sold something or offered a service on craigslist before you've most probably gotten one of these emails. I haven't read your other thread, so I don't know if you have or not. These people aren't entirely stupid. They do this all day long.
  7. Reject it. They'll send you just about anything if they think you're going to send them back $3,500 in the mail.
  8. scam. If you get that money order in the mail don't even think about cashing it. Rather, don't accept it and have it sent back to sender. Do the same with the UPS package (I doubt there is one). Make sure those links he's sending you in the email are going to the real sites he's linking you too. Try going directly to ups.com and putting in that tracking number.
  9. Make it easy on yourself and save yourself the hassle of dealing with this extra box. Take the TV back and get one with the inputs you need. Spend a little more if you need to since you're just going to be spending it on the switch otherwise.
  10. I vote they get a mac. :flamesuit on:
  11. iPhone is built from the same base architecture (Darwin) as Mac OS, yes. They're two difference things though. To Call the iPhone OS a desktop operating system is quite an oversight. The iPhone is not a desktop operating system and it doesn't claim to be. Re copy and paste, Come June iPhone gets copy and paste. I know, should of had it in the first place and I'll agree with you on that. What's important is that it's coming. There's a reason the iPhone is selling as well as it is. I don't mean to hijack your thread. My intentions aren't for the discussion to get heated--I'm not. The iPhone isn't perfect. Nor is any other phone on the market. The iPhone is the absolute best phone I've ever had though and I've had my share of smart phones running windows mobile, palm os, and blackberry. All of which were clunky and un-intuitive. While, at this point they may have some features that the iPhone doesn't (not many) it's only a matter of time 'till apple catches up and shows everyone how it should have been done. iPhone OS 3.0 really looks to be the ticket. The camera on the phone isn't so bad.It's certainly no replacement for your digital camera, but what phone is(?). Lots of photos here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/takenwithiphone/pool/ If you decide to get the iPhone, don't forget to look up this thread in a couple months and share your praise
  12. I never said an operating system *was* a desktop(?) You were comparing a desktop operating system to a phone's operating system. Cocoa Touch is the language driving the iPhone. The one developers use to interact with the API. I referred to it in my last post as Cocoa Mobile, excuse me.
  13. Are you kidding? How is that even a valid question? Nobody ever said the iPhone was/is a desktop replacement. While flash support would be nice, it's not necessary. Flash is such an inefficient resource hog it may not be even worth having on the phone. The phones out there that do support flash are so limited in what they can display anyway aside from maybe some flash advertisements on web pages. Re attachments in the email client; Aside from photos, which you can attach to an email I don't compose anything on my phone worth or necessary to attach to an email. Android, from what I understand offers the same limited attachment functionality. I can receive, view, play, and forward emails with attachments all day long. Java is unnecessary. Developers are getting by just fine putting together applications using the operating systems native API (Cocoa Mobile) which'd be more efficient than Java ever would.
  14. 1. I'm assuming you meant to type MMS. iPhone has, and always has had SMS. MMS on the other hand is missing. This was one of their announcements yesterday though--iPhone gets SMS in June. 2) I don't see how it's overzealous. It's a repository of applications & games. It's easy to use and find what you want. 3) I'll agree with you there. The iPhone's camera isn't great. It is after-all a phone though. It gets the job done. It's not promising to take place of your digital camera. 4) I'm in the states. Don't travel around a lot but when I do I've yet to have a problem with AT&T where other providers don't have the same problems. 5) You're right. The 16 gigs of storage on my phone is more than enough for me though. 6) The iPhones browser is without a doubt the best browser I've ever used on a phone. Buggy? Very early on, it was a little finicky, but for the past year or so it's been great. 7) It is lacking support for flash? Java support though... who cares?! 8) That's not much of a reason. Personally, I don't like android. It's nearly just as un-intuitive and convoluted as Windows Mobile. It's only a matter of time before android is installable on iPhone though: http://www.iphonelinux.org 9) Perfectly usable. Yeah, it takes a little getting used to, but how many touch keyboards have you used in the past? I find it easier to use than many of the tiny cramped keyboards available on many smart phones. 10) Same as #5. 8 or 16gb (32GB option soon) of storageas more than enough for a phone. It's more storage than many of these netbooks are coming out with. -- 8210GUY, you have some good points. Nokias have always been great phones. They have and still probably do dominate the mobile phone market-share. Only a little more than a few years ago it was hard to find someone that didn't own a Nokia. I'm sure there are a lot of applications for Nokia's Symbian OS. I don't know how many there are or how easy they are to get and install either. The availability of things come pretty easy though for a platform that's been around as long as Symbian (going on 30 years now) has vs the iPhone which is turning 3 in a few months. There's no doubting that the firmware updates have added many features that should have been there in the first place. At this point there are few things really "missing" from what should have been there in the first place. With what they've announced for the firmware coming out in June, I honestly can't think of a single thing many other developers have over the iPhone. I'm confident they will continue to release firmware updates with new applications and general os enhancements other phone's don't have--and they will do it well. The subsidizing of the iPhone brought the Price down considerably. Shoot, it also brought down the prices of virtually every other smart phone out there. The iPhone, if it wasn't for the subsidy would probably be just as expensive as the prices listed for the (yet to be released) N97. Jailbreaking is fully reversible... and very easy to do. Plug it into the computer; launch itunes, press restore. Apple has no way of knowing since restore wipes everything on the device anyway and since a jailbreak is purely software related it's gone. The iPhone and iPod Touch use the same mail application. It's nothing particularly amazing but what about a mail client is? It's quick, clean and easy to read and write emails when you're mobile. Have you used an eMail client from a Windows Mobile device? *that* is bad. The touch screen on the iPod Touch and iPhone are pretty sensitive. It's different than using a physical keyboard or browsing around using a direction pad. It takes some getting used to just like with anything else you're not used to using. Once you get it down though it's great. Apple's really weird about what it'll allow on the iPhone. There's no doubt about it. It's one of the few gripes I have with the phone. Apple has never sent snuck anything out to the iphone that locked it up. Everytime they release a new firmware it does break the current jailbreak by patching whatever hole it was using to gain access so you may lose your un-legit applications but the iPhone will still work exactly as apple intended. There have been a couple cases where apple approved an application for the iPhone then later "changed their mind" but the application was only removed from the AppStore. Anyone that already had the application on their phone and haven't removed it themselves it's still there working just as it was intended. There's a ton of hype behind the iPhone. It does what it says it does and does it very very well. It's general ease-of-use is what makes it what it is. It's clear a lot of though went into how things on the phone work. The iPhone isn't for everyone. Different devices are always going to suit different people's needs. But if you want a device that's easy to use and whos following is just getting bigger and bigger the iPhone is where it's at. Many of the applications and games that are available for the iPhone are amazing and as more and more large (and small) developers get into it it's just going to keep getting better. -- Again, a giant post I spent way to much time writing... and which few will actually read.
  15. iPhone is a great phone. I wouldn't even consider trading for any other phone on the market right now. There's a reason the iPhone is selling so well, and it's not because it's a waste of space. It is/was lacking a few things, but apple is steadily and regularly releasing updates and enhancements, about every three months--show me another phone that does that? N97 being "billed as the iphone killer" -- What recently released smart phone hasn't had that same line attached to it? Blackberry storm: the os is terribly slow, ugly and the click screen is a joke. G1/Android OS: potential sure, but it's already got the same problem as many other "smart phones" out there. It's ugly, bulky and very much un-intuitive. I haven't used or seen an n97 so really I can't comment on it aside from it going to be rediculously expensive @ $700+ usd. N97 price straight from nokia @ eur 550: http://www.nokia.com/A4136001?newsid=1274500 The AppStore is geat. Tens of Thousands of applications & games, many of which are free even. All of which are browsable and installable directly from the phone, or your computer if you prefer. Before the AppStore was available this was the primary reason people jailbroke their phones. Now that it's available there are still unoffical apps, tweaks available by jailbreaking but really it's not necessary. Much of what is out there is trash. Just yesterday apple held a conference about the next firmware release for iphone, iPhone OS 3.0--to be released in June. (Adding mms, copy & paste, better bluetooth support) Most probably they will be releasing a new version of the iPhone as well. So, if you can stand the wait you'd probably be better of waiting a few months to get the new one. The updated firmware will be available to the current gen iphone too though if you can't wait. - http://www.macrumors.com/2009/03/17/highli...-mms-much-more/ - http://www.apple.com/iphone/preview-iphone-os/ Clearly, I highly recommend the iPhone. I don't know anybody that's been unhappy with theirs. Love mine, girfriends loves hers, the list goes on... The intuitiveness of the OS is amazing. and considering you can get an 8gb 3g iphone for ~$100 (refurb) now it's pretty damn cheap too. Can't believe I wrote so much.
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