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  1. haha, same here... work internet (wireless) stretched across 3 routers and about 20 people sharing. I think there are two T-1s.
  2. comcast basic cable. too lazy to get the clearwire/4g adapter but it's usually around 16mb down/0.5mb up at&t 3g
  3. Mac: Transmission Windows: uTorrent
  4. The iPhone is capable of sending and recieving mms. Granted it took them quite a while though it's the fault of at&t that it still can't recieve mms. at&t says their network isn't ready, but mms will be available by the end of summer. at&t is one of very few networks the iPhone is on that doesn't support mms.
  5. Time to add some more mac-tastic-ness to this thread...
  6. There's a torrent download available. Why not use that? Give back a little edit: reading back a few posts I see there's another download link posted. The torrent download was re the SUSE download, not blender.
  7. Downloading it now--just for the hell of it. Will be installing via parallels. Sure ya can if you're using a mac built within the last few years.
  8. How do you handle this? You're walking downtown from the sub-shop with a sandwich, chips and a drink... You''re asked by a tall scraggley fellow, "Can you help me get some food?" I'm just curious as to your guys' inputs, opinions on this type of situation. Thanks.
  9. I say Yes. Go the Vista route if you have the hardware to support it. One of my Vista systems is running Vista Ultimate on a 3GHz P4 w/ 1GB DDR and an onboard 128MB Video card and it runs great. If you're looking to save a few bucks buy the OEM version of vista as well... so long as you don't need to call MS Support. In regards to which version, Home Premium should be just fine for most and if they ever decide they want business or ultimate it's as simple as doing an 'Anytime Upgrade' from within Vista to Upgrade your system from Home Premium to whatever. Vista also has a number
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