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  1. Just whatch 5 movies, and then what? : all4sma :
  2. What movies? I want a free copy. I don't see any movies or links to a free version of vb .net?! :all4sma :
  3. The slowdown has NEVER been a problem for me up until about wednesday a few days ago... It's always worked perfect for the 3 years we've had cable now. I dunno. : All4sma :
  4. Probably safe to assume you ain't Irish. v hehe -- Nope. : all4sma :
  5. I'm not sure what mine is anymore -- advertised @ 3mb down, and 256kb up... upstream never changes always at 252kb, download though would usually test around 4.4mb and usually around 3.5mb... Lately, though it's been sucking... my connection has been dropping below 150k! Calling Comcast tomorrow to see what's up. I wish I had one of them 10mb conenctions! : all4sma :
  6. hehe -- no condements for me either... He better learn to cook then real quick, or get a after school job mowing lawns or something then so he can fend for himself. "Don't like it, don't eat it -- Find something else if you don't want what we're having." is what I was always told. : all4sma :
  7. I'm just extremely picky about what I eat... I don't know what it is, I'm just picky, I guess... There's only 2 ways I like potatoes... Potato Chips, and french fries. Otherwise, any other way, I can't stand 'em... As for pizza... I'll eat it... I don't not like it, but it's not a personal preference either... If I eat pizza it's gotta be peperoni & cheese, or cheese only w/ exra sauce. Another disguisting thing that people think I'm wierd about is mayonaise... I can't stand it... I can eat potatoes, but If I eat mayonaise I feel sick. : all4sma :
  8. No potatoes for me... Real, or instant still disguisting IMO. : all4sma :
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