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    80gb HD, pentium 4 2.4Ghz, 1 gb RAM, misrosoft XP pro 2002
  1. thanks that sounds like a great place to start.
  2. Now worries I guess I just didn't make it clear. The cd-drive is on an IDE cable I'm guessing, but the hard drive is attached to a separate SATA cable as you said. The pc was originally equipped with this setup, but the drive crashed, was taken out and replaced with an IDE hard drive, I got a new SATA hard drive and that was put back.
  3. ah i also forgot to mention that the HDD is a Serial ATA model. The only plug that goes into the CD drive is the one at the end, the other doesn't stretch far enough.
  4. Everything looks connected nothing is loose or anything. I should point out it isn't a new hard drive, its a refurbished caviar se16. All my files from the old drive have allegedly been transplanted onto it, and using the same operating system as before.
  5. Hi so maybe some of you remember my previous thread about my computer freezing on a regular basis and eventually crashing? Well now I've got a bigger problem, see it was running a certain harddrive that wasn't mine in place of mine while the incompetent boob who sold me this computer was having the drive sent back to western digital and getting a replacement. So I had him come by about 2 days ago to give me back my drive, turns out he took out he serrogate drive and put mine back in, but now it won't start! So some background its IDE The hard drive was listed as the channel one slave, I
  6. alright so I managed to get it to stop rebooting, now its back to the good ol days of freezing up.
  7. for the device manager, I found one set of items that needed to be updated, and I updated them. The it rebooted itself, I managed to get back on long enough to try looking at the event viewer, and there was a really high occurence of red marks. They consisted of: IPNATHLP DCOM Tcpip Dhcp and system error. The 1st two were the most recent, system error was the most common.
  8. ok wow so new development, not a good one I'm afraid though. It seemed to be cured for a bit, but then suddenly it started rebooting at random, it happened about twice. I was just on it and it happened again, only this time the screen that gives you the option of starting in safe mode appeared(not sure what its called ). I started it in safe mode, then I used system restore and shut it off. And here I am in the library. So could this be related to the freezing problem? Or have I somehow managed to make my computer bats##t crazy?
  9. Unfortunately that didn't work either, had me fooled for a while when I started it up though. edit: hold on, I just started it up again and started a big file and so far nothing. I'll try it again in a few hours
  10. Oh I see, I'll try that immediately
  11. Firefox.exe around mid to high 50,000k's, but usually its more like 90 Mcshield.exe holding steady at 49,872k svchost.exe 23,192 explorer.exe 21,344 CCAAgent.exe 11,264
  12. Ok I've discovered that its still freezing, although the time between starting it up and it freezing has dramatically increased. So its a start at least?
  13. On question though, how exactly do you disable the sleep/resume policy? EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out.
  14. Thanks! I'll try that and get back with the results in a few days(going home for the weekend)
  15. Hi sorry about the delay, somehow the entire network for my campus was down for the past two days. Anyway this is the link for my test results
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