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    GA-G33M-S2L Intel Core 2 Quad - Q6600, at stock 2.4 4 G RAM Nvidia 8500 GT 256 Microsoft Windows XP, sp3
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  1. W. T. F. WMDRAUCH!!! Lot's of great milestones...Congrats and Fold On My Friends!!!
  2. W. T. F. GUNS!!! 90 million mark made!!! Congrats on a few more: CarlNedCarew 1 Million Debbie is fixin' to break 400,000 and Wind is about to hit 8 million Lots of great stuff!!! Fold on my friends!!!
  3. Great News!!! Glad you found that stuff...I always enjoy finding something I thought I lost a long time ago!!!
  4. W T F CB!!! Congrats to you, Wind, and Daniel!!! Fold on all my friends!!!
  5. Changed Back!!! Great Race Everyone!!! A Special thank you to those who held the fort down during the race!!! Fold On my Friends!!!
  6. Thank you MichaelB...the 9800 card you supplied has been changed over now too!!!
  7. Thank you Adak...I have changed my 560ti over and will now go and attempt my smps...Fold on my Friends...better late than never!!!
  8. Sorry I haven't been well. My rigs I just got back up are falling like flies...seems like an uphill battle keeping them running and no energy or drive to sit a figure the problems!!! I love the science and the crew...just have been loosely following our wonderful forum as my brain allows concentration!!!
  9. [*]I am ready to join in...sorry I missed the beginning. if someone could please just get me the details for our team...I will plug them in!!! Thanks and Fold on my Friends!!! [*]
  10. I would be willing to put them together...just lookin for a nice board to put them to bed in!!!
  11. Truckin' right on up the ladder!!! Way to Fold All!!!
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