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  1. F-150 Ford, They go forever if their treated right (Oil changes, etc).
  2. Actually, there have been 3 so far today. Ed.
  3. Stinger27. I don't know that it's " by far the best". It is ,however, an excellent program which I use on a daily basis. Sorry I forgot to mention it. Ed.
  4. Having Ad-Aware will certantly not hurt. I have used Registry Mechanic for quite some time on a regular basis (Bi-Weekly) & let it repair whatever it finds with no problem. I personally will not allow a messenger program on my PC as I have experienced the slow down, lock up problems you're now having. If it were me, I would let Reg. Mech. do the repair & delete the messengers. You can always reinstall them if that doesn't help. Ed.
  5. IMHO you can't put a $ value on that. Ed.
  6. No, Ike. Don't know how long since you went there,but it's now http://forums.neoplanet.co.uk/index.php?showtopic= Ed.
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