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  1. Yea that my board, i dont mind the slow chip but i got a socket 462 is that the same as a socket A? any ideas where i can get one and a rough price im looking at thanks alot stormy13
  2. i have a KT880 Delta motherboard and im really struggling to find a Chip for it, can anyone suggest a chip that will fit, and im in the UK, i know some sites are fussy thanks alot guys HAPPY NEW YEAR :beer:
  3. yea im sure that i installed the h/s right with the cut out on the seating, right took it out of the case and plugged in adn can get the system to turn on and off, BUT the monitor WONT work, just stays in the stand by mode, im using a new graphics card (AGP 8x) because there is no on board card. ive set the jumpers to clear the CMOS but still the same, also MB is new so cant be there, any other ideas P.S. all of this is just with the chip, HS and PSU installed thanks guys any more ideas and HAPPY NEW YEAR
  4. this is a new board though so ill give it a go could a burnt out chip have something to do with any of this
  5. yes all screws in the mobo are only in places where the spacers on the case are raised, i installed a huge heatsink so that it wouldnt overheat, i also used akasa thermal compund on the chip like the instructions said. how can i make sure its not a short for positive thanks jackel
  6. hi http://pcpitstop.invisionzone.com/index.ph...9entry1093889, thats my story so far, it does relate to this but i think its a new problem ive bought a new motherboard, installed my old chip (AMD 2200 1.8ghz i think) and bought a new heat sinkand just connected the heatsink, chip, PSU(new 500W) and ram the thing is if i plug it in and turn it on, the fan starts up but then it dies again, to get any more life out of it i have to unplug it, plug it back in then i get the fan start and stop then it dies again, anyone got any ideas thanks guys :beer:
  7. nah i was thinking about buying the ram on its own i have a foxconn k7s winfast motherboard 741mg series, it can handle 2 GB but iwas only thinking of putting 1GB in as it only has 2 slots will my mo bo take this RAM and what sort of price should i be looking to pay for this thanks guys :beer:
  8. can anyone tell me anything about this RAM, are there any restrictions about installing it or limitations and how much would be a good price for it 4x 512MB 2GB HP PC1600R 202171-B21 DDR 175918-042 thanks very much Al :beer:
  9. what OS are you using? i know it may sound silly but have you tried the windows Add/Remove software in the control panel if not cant you use the uninstall of the start>programs>uninstall zonelabs i had a problem once trying to uninstall it myself and i had to uninstall the whole security suite the put it all back on Al
  10. The welsh guys and O&O go together like mint and lamb eh kd5?
  11. use o&o if you can find it its amazing highly recommended A+++
  12. AGP....accelerated graphics port it has one purpose in life and that why its gotta be the best for graphics truth is though as it has been mentioned it is being phased out
  13. come on guys i refuse to believe that none of you can help me with this or i have i finally found a problem that beaten you please guys give me some sort of guidance Al :beer:
  14. hi guys ive recently bought a new motherboard with a AMD 2400+ o/c 2GHZ with a big heat sink and 512MB RAM thouhgt it was going well then i bought a ati Raedon 9600 pro256MB graphics card as the motherboar had no on board graphics, problem is that ive tried two monitors now and i cant get a picture out of any of them. The Graphics card is new and i plugged it in the AGP slot but nothing i tried a PCI cheap Graphics card but nothing out of that either Any ideas thanks much appreciated Alun D
  15. i Have done all of the above and no problems with the drive before the setup and it also hangs when i create a partition it hangs on the chcking drive integrity bit
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