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  1. ive tried taking it out of the case, only connecting the heatsink, monitor and psu but same thing no monitor, is it worth me buying a pci card, will it work then or is the motherboard dead thanks guys
  2. but when i start it up with components connected they power up also, the monitor is the only thing that doesnt come on
  3. no no beeps and thats just the motherboard connected to the psu
  4. ok guys, heres the story, My computer for months has been randomly restarting, so i thought it could be overheating, i bought a bigger heat sink and fan plugged it it then the computer just powered up, but after 3 seconds or so would just shut down, so i thought lack of power i installed a 500W PSU now the computer wont start up, it will power up but i get no beeps and the monitor wont turn on, ive been reading up and could it be that my motherboard is dead its about a 2 year old computer bought from a budget shop (ALDI). i read about shorts but i can see any and ive trie
  5. Maybee the laser has just burned out, it happened in my cd writer. Nothing you can do about it really how old is the drive and do you use it excessively?
  6. i assume both drives are IDE so just pop open your case (making sure power is off, turned off at psu and wear a static band on your wrist, all for safety reasons) set them up to be master adn slave and plug them both in and go to your bios to make sure they register. im not really sure about all this raid and sata setup business but thats how i would.
  7. if you use kill disk use download the floppy disk bootable version and then transfer that file over onto you computer witha floppy using the pen drive then on your other computer open killdisk and insert a floppy
  8. download killdisk from www.killdisk.com use the free version goes on a floppy and then its bootable. it does a LLF on your computer returns all the 1's to zeros takes about an hour for 20GB so go on that scale then when its finnished try using the XP cd again or use another bootdisk can be found at www.bootdisk.com thats what i would do, i had a huge problem with 6 HDDs not working and using killdisk im on my 3rd drive now adn the other 2 work fine highly recommend killdisk
  9. YOU GUYS ARE GODS !!!!!! run the killdisk (took an hour not bad eh disckster) installed XP sp2 and works a charm im gonna try this now with all of my other hard drives and you will find out should i have any problems anybody want to send me a list of programs they think i will really need like crucial programs or whatever (big thanks do shadowfox and dickster)
  10. lol didnt see it taking that long dickster you do that for fun or was it that bad a problem i think its only a 20gb hard drive anyway im having problems opening killdisk too it says its not a valid archive
  11. ok dickster iill try the LLF with killdisk thenwhat do you recommend i try XP install again? is it worth putting windows 98 onto my computer im just concerned about keeping up to date with drivers and security updates etc. thanks for the help guys
  12. hey guys tried a couple of things while i was away 1) tried 3 different sticks of RAM in both slots decided hard drive i was using was knackered 2) got a new error: incorrect parameter on XP install 3) DLed the quantum fireball software to LLF my HDD but how do i get it to run, i set the floppy to boot but when i start up it says non system disk or disk error any ideas?
  13. ok im going to try a different CD ROM and my hard drive is a quantum fireballlct does anyone know where i can find the software i need and ive plugged the ribbon cables the correct way i believe and im going to try another CD of XP i have and how do i do a low level format i know how to do a regular one is that the same whats an RAH? and whats ecc RAM? thanks for the help guys :beer:
  14. ok shadow thanks for all the help just so others know im back to going to the installing windows colourful screen and again fatal errors and its a data error cyclic redundancy check ive tried 3 different sticks of ram and nothing all the same anyone got any ideas, theyd be much appreciated thanks alun
  15. no i left the stick of RAM i knew the details too (laziness, horrible aint it) well ive got a CD ROM drive as my ide primary slave and a quantum fireball as my IDE secondary master, just a stick of ram and my AGP 256md RAM ati raedon graphics card any help?
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