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  1. Not so badbob, you're correct. I saw the engineer and he said there are 3 dodgy keys. I've ordered a new keyboard. Thank you all for your help and suggestions.
  2. The beeping was there from the beginning. It's not a number of beeps, just continuous. I'll get the RAM cleaned and reseated tomorrow. Also the CMos battery. Thanks....
  3. I finally managed to boot from the XP disk and run the repair console chkdsk /r. There doesn't seem to be any difference although it said it found errors. i can get into Windows with a bit of buttton tapping etc. Boot starts with rapid beeping and asking to hit esc or F10 for boot order or setup. Also, when into Windows, the cursor will start racing 'til the end of a message ie. when trying to edit in Gmail forwarding. Starting to look like a re-instal.
  4. I couldn't boot from CD. I've finally got in by playing with various boot options. I disabled SATA native support.. I'm currently updating everything and will run virus scans etc. It would not accept my password but I finally got into SAFE and changed the password. It's not right yet but I'll go through various tests. Also I've lost the use of the question mark forward slash key. I've got onscreen keyboard up 'til I fix it. Will let you know.....
  5. Everything was running OK when I put it away. There is no file name. I'll try your fix. Will XP Home do or should I use the Pro version that's installed? Thanks.....
  6. After 2 months away, my Compaq Presario V6316TU will not boot and shows stop error: 0x00000007B, 0xF78AA524, oxC0000034, etc Help please.
  7. Someone gave me a snide XP Pro (everything is pirated in India ) which I tried to put my key into but it wouldn't take it. I thought the software recognised the key. I'll hunt around for a copy and try it. Also I'll see if I can contact MS out here.Cheers....
  8. I put in a larger hard drive but when I came to install XP Home, I discovered that the disk is cracked from the centre and won't read. Can I get a replacement or what else can I do?
  9. Comodo CIS, All in one firewall, antivirus, anti spam, safe surf, automatic updates and scheduled scanner and FREE! http://www.personalfirewall.comodo.com/
  10. There's no harm in being covered. I don't understand all of these vulnerabilities or how they work, but I do know how to block them due to my good friends here. You can't use one programme to do one job. Nothing in any field of security is 100%. Nothing gets through my net.....so far. suggest you read adam22's post "9 Million and Counting"
  11. I've disabled Antivir Guard since installing Comodo Security Suite but would still like to use their scanner with automatic updates and scheduled scans. However after it has updated I find that it sometimes activates the Guard. I have removed it from startup. I can't see a configuration to stop it loading so are there any good free scanners with scheduling and automatic updates?
  12. oatman


    I just thought I'd give it a try. Actually, it reported a bot when I opened Spybot, so I was already a little suspicious.
  13. oatman


    IE7. I tried resetting to Defaults and Java is checked in Internet Options Advanced.
  14. oatman


    I'm trying RU Botted by Trend Micro. It claims to have found 2 bots and asks if I want to clean with HouseCall. When I try and run it, I get the message that Java is not installed or not enabled. I've had this message with other progs and even uninstalled and downloaded a fresh Java 6 update 11. According to the Java Verify Version, everything is OK. Ideas please.
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