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  1. Hmm.. That didn't help. Im goin to ahve to bring my computer to my cousin's house for him to help me fix.
  2. Allright. However its just one screw, on the side. I tried to reset the CMOS thingie and it didn't work. When you reset the jumper, you're suppose to take this thing off, and put it on another pin. Do you leave it there? Do you start the computer like that? Im confused.
  3. Hmm.. I'll try those later, when I get home. Thanks.. Yeah, it does look wierd merged, doesn't it?
  4. Other Video Card doesn't work. CPU and Memory are perfectly fine.
  5. I don't think its my video card, but I'll give that a try. Im thinking its my other hardwares. A while ago, my memory was not installed right, and my monitor was like that. However my memory is perfectually fine this time.
  6. My video card is perfectually on the motherboard. ITs not onboard.
  7. I have just assembled my new computer case, with lots of help from you guys here. Thanks! When I turned on my computer, I could see the lights for the fans and my motherboard has light on its led. However it does not show anything on the monitor. I've plugged in the monitor to my video card. I've also replaced my old HDD with a new 40GB HDD. Memory is the same. CD-ROM is the same. Everything is the same, just the HDD is different.
  8. Yeah I think it was that. Thanks everyone for the help! I have one problem though. When I turn on my computer, nothing shows up on the screen. My video card is setted up (Radeon 9200 SE) and so are my HDD(blank) and my Memory.
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