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  1. i use avast www.avast.com for a free download but i have used avg. In all honesty they all do the same, some come with more eye candy than other but for as long as you keep it updated and practice some common knowledge like emails if you dont know who its from dont open it, turn off preview in outlook etc you will be fine,
  2. this is a common thing with AIM, get trillian instead much better than the AIM as trillian can do msn icq yahoo and AIM all at once (and its stable and free) you can download it from www.download.com There is no particular reason as to why AIM does this but for aslong as your internet connection is stable just ditch AIM get Trillian
  3. If I had to give up all the money I have right now (which is only about $100 at the moment ) I would if it would save lives. i don't care about some stupid taxes, we're talking about people with a problem so bad that is often called a disease itself. Don't come at me talking about :censored: savings like I give a flying :censored: . I'm talking about people losing their lives to something they probably would have never started doing if they knew they couldn't stop. I'm gonna have to stop looking in this thread.... ok in around about way smokers DO save lives here in the uk because of the taxes and things like that on every pack we buy. Who pays for the treatment for heart attacks, strokes, and the like yes we all do in our "normal taxes" but also if you think we pay around £3 tax a pack of 20 an estimated 3mil smokers in the uk on average smoking 20 a day makes a lot of money over a year. Now im not saying smoking is big or clever or even sensible but you have to face facts of that if no smokers EVERYONE will pay more taxes to substain the economy we have now.
  4. rickster


    Do not get a Advent they are the biggest heap of junk i have ever come across. For the money you pay on that you could get something alot better and change. You sound like you know what use you want from your pc so why not go to a few computer shops and explain to them what you want and find out what they offer you and at what price. remeber their knowledge is free and you can haggle with the little computer shop down the road alot more than you can with a huge company like dixons etc.
  5. but if it wasnt for us smokers the uk would not have a NHS (tax from a pack goes to supporting that) you would have income tax rates and the like. If you like it or not the fact is if everyone stopped smoking governments would have a real hard time with the economey(sp) oh a pack of cigs around me costs around £4.50 gbp or abput $7 for the us citizens
  6. did all this startt soon after installing directx 9?
  7. i dont know if this will help but http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;321793
  8. maybe not the new vid card, if you do as described where you replace the heatsink with some quaility adehsive (sp) and reconnect the fan up and ensure you have good clearance from the video card fan and the next card down you may fine it will work perfectly
  9. a heatsink is a bit of ali about a inch or 2 square it may be flat or have ridges in it. if its falt then it will have holes running thru it.. was this metal bit stuck on top of any chips?
  10. id put my money on the video card overheating if you just glued the heatsink back on then you will need to remove it and use some heat transfer glue. Or you could buy a small thematake fan espacally for graphic cards and these work real well. and are easy to fit. not if hes just glued the heatsink back on as it will be classed as tampering with the card
  11. or is it because copper coroides after a short period of time and ali isnt strong enough to withstand the knocks and bumps most modern lappys deal with
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