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  1. What a tragic loss for you Volt, my prays and those of my family are with you and yours this day.
  2. Man i hav'nt caused so much action since the powers that be got mad at me for my more then PG13 jokes. Now let me be serious, first i have absolutely no connection to 1&1, they were recommended by a friend. The way i figure it i have nothing to lose the service is free for 36 months, after that if im not happy or if they charge to much ill drop them and im out not a red cent. Im one of those guys who likes free deals, so what the hell. Let me assure everyone here posting an off color joke is one thing but spamming is another and i would never try to screw my fellow members.
  3. Biggest FREEBEE on webhosting This is looking very good, Full package webhosting for FREE. I guess they know what they are doing. here it is. http://1and1.com/ 500 MB Web Space & 5,000 MB/Month FREE As I understand it, most of their customers are in Europe & UK. This is an attempt to open markets in North America. I've had an account since October. So far I am Very Pleased. It's going to be hard to be satisfied with a normal free webspace provider after the three years are up. I suspect that most commercial customers will stay with them, even if the cost
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