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  1. Hi there! I have just bought a sahara laptop, product number:nb556434-e040. The problem is that I cant seem to find drivers to go with the audio and network hardware. Does anyone have an idea where I can find these drivers? Thanks in Advance
  2. Hi there. I did everything as you asked, but I still get downloads of up to 300 mb a day. Any more suggestions Thnx
  3. Hi there for some reason I get a daily download size of 312 mb, without me downloading anything! All I do is switch on my pc and I lose 312 mb per day! Is there some sort of freeware available that allows you to monitor what your computer downloads? Thanks in advance
  4. Hey guys! Thanx for the help, I figured it out so everything is working again. Installed JRE and everything works
  5. Well first of al it goes to the facebook login page. But only shows text and text boxes, no color nothin. Then as soon as I login it tells me server not found. then gives a couple of recommendations on how to solve the problem, but no luck.
  6. Sorry dude, dont understand. Hyjacked to about:blank. My homepage adres at the moment is: http://www.google.co.za/firefox?client=fir...:en-GB:official Is that wot u wanna know?
  7. Nope already have that checked. It cant be on the router, because i can load the site on my mother's laptop, which is on the same router. Can it possibly be a cookie problem?
  8. Nope, not at all. At first I could but then that also did not work after a while
  9. Hi there! I am having problems loading facebook... Every time I enter the adres the page refuses to load. I have been trying to fix it for the past month but to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks
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