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  1. Thanks, and thank you to all who have had the patience to keep helping in this thread, it is very much appreciated!
  2. I have two sticks, and I tried removing one at a time and booting with the other, with no success. Presumably that would work unless both had a problem? Also, I'm not sure how these things work, but would I have been able to boot with a Knoppix CD while having faulty RAM?
  3. Thanks. I found some more diagnostics on boot up, which provided the following: "2F00:0119. Suspected memory component on System board, at label CHANNEL A DIMM 0" This suggests to me a motherboard problem too, am I right?
  4. Is there anything I need to look for other than that the drive I get is 3.5" and SATA? Both in terms of anything that is essential for compatibility, and anything that is desirable (ie I know 7200 RPM is recommended).
  5. I just spotted "hard drive diagnostics" in the boot menu, which results in a "Fail: Return Code 7". A bit of searching suggests "bad sectors". New hard drive needed, I presume? If so, any guidance on what I need to do to make sure a new hard drive is compatible would be appreciated.
  6. I chose to install to the 235gb C:/ partition and chose to format when prompted, leaving the others untouched. I do have all my original Dell CDs etc., so the F:/ partition described earlier may not be necessary. Is there another way to go about formatting that I should try? Thanks to all for the continuing support!
  7. Thanks for the reply, and apologies once again for taking a while to get back to you. After the drive was formatted and the files were copied from the CD, the computer rebooted "to continue Setup from the hard drive" as it should. Upon doing this, a Stop 0xF4 error appeared, and continues to appear on every subsequent reboot (sometimes 0xc0000005). Is my intuition right that my remaining options are: i) buy new hard drive or ii) buy new computer ?
  8. Thanks, I gave that a try but the Repair option wasn't available. As I have everything backed up (and have now copied from my backup to ensure that everything is in two places), I plan to go ahead with a clean install of XP. When doing this, I'm given three options of where to install XP: -: Partition1 (FAT) - 71mb C: Partition2 (NTFS) 235gb F: Partition 3 (FAT32) - 3.5gb Based on size I'd guess that the one labelled F is where XP is currently installed. Do I just choose this as the place to install, or do I need to format / delete partitions or anything? Sorry for the simple que
  9. Thank you both for the replies, and apologies for taking a while to get back to you - I had difficulty during the week finding any spare time to try any suggestions. I've had a chance now though, with no success. Running out of ideas now, google is mostly turning up the same suggestions that I have already tried, anything else worth trying would be appreciated.
  10. A few days ago, I started my computer (Dell Dimension 4700, XP Home) and received a Stop 0x00000024, NTFS.sys BSOD error. I re-tried in safe mode, but with no success - still couldn't get beyond that error message. I have since used guidance found in various places to: a.) use a Knoppix Live CD to access my hard drive and salvage all files that hadn't been backed up (only a weeks worth or so), so I know that the hard drive isn't completely fried as I had initially suspected b.) use Recovery Console to run chkdsk which "fixed one or more errors", and to overwrite NTFS.sys with the vers
  11. Thanks all for the warnings, I guess I'll just stick with the annoyances of IE6 and blocked websites. There are procedures for access to websites, but I'd have a hard job providing anything tangible. Something like google image search isn't fundamental to doing my job, it's just a handy tool on occasion - for example, as a quick way to see what a piece of software or error message look like, or as a quick way to find a graph of something. Similarly for something like youtube, it can have some useful tutorial type videos - my company website actually embeds youtube videos!
  12. I have recently started a new job, and have a couple of issues with the IT restrictions, even though I can understand the reasoning behind them. 1) Browser. We're stuck using IE6, and can't install anything. I eventually managed to get Firefox portable onto my machine, but even that was difficult, and when I open it, no pages will load. Is it likely that IT have some remote way of preventing anything other than IE6 accessing the internet, and if so, do I have any hope of getting round this? 2) Blocked websites. I'm not trying to access 2girls1cup or anything, but am trying to access
  13. Can someone confirm for me whether or not my current router is a "hub" or a "switch"? I've looked in various places but can't find a clear answer one way or another.
  14. Yeah, I've done that, thanks stormy. So if I was to get this router to replace my current one, should that fix this problem?
  15. Actually, although the new router has wireless capability, both computers are wired into it via ethernet connections (along with an xbox 360). This was the router that was recommended to us by the guy in the shop, but the wireless side of things is not necessary.
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