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    I've been coming to pcpitstop for years to use the test and tune-up page.But i've been having a few other computer issues lately and decided to come in a little further to see if someone could help me. I was astounded at the number of ingenious and helpful members here.I had no idea. How awsome it is to have so many computer savy people willing to help!Thank-you so much in advance ;-) With that being said my interest are many, pretty much anything that won't run me over,blow me up or require a lawyer to get out of ;-)Give me some humor and a spark of intelligence and i'm interested!

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  1. When i type a search into the google or yahoo tool bar it will take me to the normal page where you pick which site you want to go to.I then choose one and it takes me to some other search page called(just a couple i remember right now) toseeka or asklots,etc. it goes on and on if i click on the choice in that page it does the same thing.Why can't i go where i'm clicking to go? The pages i end up at have little or nothing to do with what i initially searched for.What happened in the past few weeks that has this happening? I have xp and explorer 8.Could it be in explorer 8? Also suddenly this window keeps popping up saying it's from microsoft and my pc is at risk and wants to add some tool but when i clicked it finally to see what it really is it's not even from microsft.This has been happeneing for about a week or so.I have avg virus and it seems to be catching threats as they try to come. That's a smaller annoyance ,lol but i am curious why it is popping up all of a sudden like this..I have tried to run the tests on this laptop but have had no luck(never had a problem with any other pc i've ever had but for some reason this one does.I will go try it one more time just to be sure i haven't tried in a month or so.If they happen to work this time i will send the link. This probably sounds silly but it's getting on my last nerve. Any ideas are appreciated Thank-you so much,Lesa
  2. I'm using avg and am having trouble finding out when virus's are found and put in the virus vault,when you"wipe"or delete these items are they deleted from the vault back to my pc or actually deleted from my pc all together? Haven't been able to get a clear explanation to this question from the info or the web site. My vault contains 19 of them from about the last 4 months and i'd like to delete them completely. Also is there any way to find out exactly where i was or what website the virus's came from?Thanx,lesa360
  3. Sorry i was going to ask this with the last post but i was pissy and forgot.I tried to defrag and it says i need to scan disk 1st.When i try to do that it says it can't perform this action.I went to troubleshooting but it was seemed pretty confusing to me. Is there any easy explanation on how to get scan disk to run?Thanx so much! Lesa http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=AG6S1WUVG1DSNMDL
  4. I don't know what's happeneing.My pc,i'm sure is far slower than some are used to but it wasn't to the point of frustration like the last couple of days.I even switched to mozilla\firefox but that is just as slow if not slower(a lot of the time it says didn't connect to the server fast enough) I know i need more ram but something has made it run like crap the last day or so. I've been using a link system wireless card(don't know if i have it configured wrong) or if that has anything to do with it but that was fine before as well.If you can figure out anything that would fix it or at least make it run a little faster,i would ,as always appreciate your help.Thanx,Lesa http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=AG6S1WUVG1DSNMDL
  5. Hello again. I was checking out the list of the Top 25 Malicious and unwanted Processes and i have seen some of them listed on my pc. How do i tell if they are the bad kind and if they are what is the proper way to remove or disable them. If you see anything else that would make my pc run better bring it on, i appreciate all the help i get from the pitstop. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=AG6S1WUVG1DSAMBL Thank-you so much for all the help!!! Lesa
  6. Actually i've always had netscape as well so when i got another pc couple weeks ago i see that it's all FF so i did install that one too. So i'm fairly new at FF that but it doesn't freeze up always like ie7.It's seems pretty easy and painless.Funny how we get used to having that security blanket huh! lol. So here i go adeleting...wish me luck!!!! :hiya: Thanx everyone!! Lesa
  7. Okay so when i do that it will automatically go back to what i had before ?I was thinking i'd have to reinstall it again because now iIonly see the ie 7 in my add and remove programs list.Yanno like it 86'd everything but it's self ,lol. Now i feel like a dork,lol, oh well better a dork than a dork who seized up my pc because I didn't ask someone who knows what they're doing to be sure,right?,thanx ,i appreciate it Lesa
  8. I got stupid and let updates install ie 7 on my pc and i totally do not like it.It freezes,takes longer,the tabbed crap is crap and it is just too much CRAP! So now it won't even let me download the pit utility to test my pc so i could send you the link . I turned off all the add on's,the pop up blockers,the firewall ,nothing worked so i am sending you the test i did when i got my newer pc a couple weeks ago.Can i go back to whatever i had before?(I'm guessing it was ie6?)If so how do i do it without screwing anything up? http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=ZKJSTW4MR6GSALWG Thanx ,Lesa
  9. I put spybot on my pc but am not sure how to set the preferences.Do i need the tea timer? If so what does it do exactly.It has shown a kernal fault thing a few times and some others how do i know what changes i should allow? Thank- you again,sorry for not putting it on the first post. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=ZKJSTW4MR6GSXB9G
  10. When i open my add/remove programs list it doesn't show the first half of my programs but when i clic in the empty space it highlights like there is something there but it's invisible for some reason.Then when i try to look at my windows components it's the same thing empty window but when i clic it highlights like somethings there but won't show and says 0.0 mg installed then it gives me an error message Rundll32 has caused an error in SETUPX.DLL. and makes me close it.how do i get this file and how and where do i put it? here are my results,i just ran a new test. I appreciate any help you may have. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=63GZSW61LWVSVPXG I would like to thank everyone again that helped me get rid of the virus's i had and what to get rid of what i didn't need that gave me tons of more space on my pc!! Sincerly,Lesa
  11. Oooooohh.....mah...gaaawd... I got your email(thank-you so much,BTW) So i go to do the "clean up" after i dwnlded it i went to run it and it gives me an error mess.telling me this"c:\windows452exe.Actual size is241825 but should be 339257.Download setup again. (this one i chose save to comp) So i delete that one and try again and get> "incorrect size:c:\windows\temporary internet files\content:ie5\sflvq675\cleanup452[1].exe.Actual size is241825 but should be339257 download setup again" (this one i chose to open instead of save to comp.) I tried it about 5 times and same thing!! I also checked because i thought i had ei6 and i do so how come it says ie 5 on this error??? I sthere anything called puter prozac??? If there is i think i need some!!! I saw the folders for a couple of the older versions of ie that i had in the past on my pc,should i delete all of them except for the ie6 and internet tools? Aaaaand I also haven't been able to defrag my pc lately it goes to 3% and then starts over again and again.I am going to put my foot in that guys rear-end if i ever see him again!!!uhg!! Should i run the pitstop test and post it here?(hoping i save it correctly)
  12. I am including a copy of my first post as well.I was told i should post it here to get help with it. So i went to the pits spyware help page and tried to dwnld adware 2007 but it barely begins to dwnld and it stops and says"IE cannot download aaw 2007.exe from software files download.com server was reset"but at the download page it says"now that you've downloaded adware 2007...."I restarted my pc and tried again twice,did same thing.I looked thru the help and FAQ section on that site and didn't see anything that pertained to my problem.HELP,HELP,HELPITY,HELP,HELP?? Here is my first post also incase anyone wants to have a swing at it >> I need to be refreshed on how to use regedit .A visitor at my home did exactly what i asked him not to do, went porn searching! Well since my pc is extremely slow and it is old and sleepy to begin with.So what i want to do is to to regedit and take off any xxx porn,adware and spyware and whatever else doesn't belong.I did it a few years ago with the help of a friend when completely removing aohell ;-).I can't remember exactly how to do it and i know you can really screw things up if you do it wrong. I have Xoftspy(do it a few times a week) and i've done the registry mechanic(do that often as well) and i do the free online virus scan from here, i didn't have a virus i just want to go deep and really clean the crap out of my puter.Can someone help me without it causing them an extreme headache??? Any feed back would be greatly appreciated and i apologize if i have posted this in the wrong place. I'm a rookie and so far pretty much clueless Thanx again n have a lovely night!
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