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  1. Well most of my questions have been answered just by reading thru this forum, but I still am curious about a few things. I have been using Optimize 1.5 for several years, and login to the PC Pitstop website and run the overdrive tests fairly often. Some things I want to ask are... are all the products now web based? And if so, if you buy a subscription for 1 year, what happens after that year and your subscription runs out? Are you then unable to use the product any longer or just lose support, updates, etc...? Also if I only have 2 computers, but I paid for a 5 computer setup, could I install it on a friends computer, and would it be possible for her to have a separate login than mine. and why is Overdrive a product of PC Matic? Isn't that part of the PC Pitstop website and free anyway? Thanks!
  2. I have a HP Media Edition and when I bought this, it had a the drive partitioned with a D drive for the System Recovery. Anyway... I made CD's and cleared the D drive and un-partitioned it since I was getting the same message on before that Drive D was full. I'm still getting same red flag. I would imagine this may be a simple fix, but it eludes me. Thanks, Terry
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