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  1. Average of the 4 core temps I am at stock clocking : 20 * 133Mhz = 2.66GHz, Vcore = 1.22V according to the BIOS The thing I most notice is the coldness of the cooler radiator. So either : 1 : The coolant flow is wrong 2 : The interface between the cooler and the processor surface is bad (I have used a gallium loaded TIC and applied a controlled 0.002" using a mask we use at work) 3 : The junction to case interface is bad 4 : The device is dissipating more power than it should 5 : The Tj measurement is wrong 6 : A 40C rise at stock temperatures is OK 7 : Some combination of the above. I really don't know how to proceed. I had planned to OC this and was going to limit to 70C, but with only 7C to go, it doesn't seem worth it. Previous posts have had <70C at 3.8GHz !!! Maybe I just got a sweaty one. I would love to be able to calibrate the temperature feedback in some way, but have no idea how to do this.
  2. My CPU is still hotter than I would expect. open-case, room ambient 24C and Prime95 running I get CPU mean temp of 63C with H50 water cooler with the CPU at stock speeds The heat exchanger is cool to the touch (as are the water pipes). I begin to wonder if the issue here is the temperature sensing in the CPU. A few years ago I designed a controller based on a Motorola Power PC 7457. This thing had registers in which I was supposed to be able to read junction temp - completely useless (accuracy +/- 20C or something) Are there any ways to calibrate the temp sense from the CPU ?
  3. Thanks to everyone who replied. I removed the cooler - the thermal interface compound looked perfect (very thin coating evenly on both the cooler and the CPU, no gaps). I re-seated and repeated the tests - same results (stock speed test - 2.67GHz). So I went to Fry's and bought the most expensive water cooler they had on the shelf (Corsair H50 - looks pretty low-end to be honest) My temperature rises at stock speed still surprise me - 11C rise @ idle (36C[core average] on a 25C - outside the case - ambient) and 34C rise with Prime95 8-threads (59C). I'll do some more testing. Are there more esoteric cooling solutions ? - phase change, Peltier etc ? Why don't CPU coolers come specified properly ? Defining the "ambient" as air-intake into the cooling element (fins or radiator), the C/W of the case rise as a function of airflow can easily be specified for all supported CPU types. Regards GP
  4. I just finished building my i7-920 box. I have a Cooler Master V8 CPU cooler on a Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 mobo. At normal frequencies, I get 68C from Core Temp (@22 ambient) during Prime95 testing. If I O/C a little bit (2.9GHz) this increases to 78C. The cooler's fins are cold, and the heat pipes at the CPU base not much more than warm. I have a couple of questions for the more experienced people out there : 1 - Do you think my cooler mounting is bad ? I had a "uniform and thin as I could get" layer of Arctic Silver compound and I think I tightened the cooler clamps down evenly and "snug". It would help if the cooler manufacturer specified a final tightening torque for the screws. How tight is right ? 2 - On an i7-920, what "torture" temperature would you feel OK with - normal operation is about 50C. My current PC is a Q6600 @ 3GHz which idles around 50 and tortures around 80. It has been 100% solid for about 2 years. Any advice will be appreciated Thanks GP
  5. OK - a bit more digging and it seems that DEP with IE8 and XP can sometimes cause this. If I disable this in Internet Options I can install ActiveX add-ons. Guess I'll disable it on those occasions I need to do this. Thanks GP
  6. Yeah I do - exactly the same thing. So I tried installing the Flash Player from Adobe's website - same thing I normally use Firefox so I haven't noticed ActiveX was busted..... Any ideas what it might be ?
  7. Howdy, When I click Install, I get a memory exception crash "Instruction at -hex number- referenced memory at -same hex number-, memory could not be written". When I dismiss this, IE8 tells me "Internet Explorer has closed this webpage to help protect your computer A malfunctioning or malicious add-on has caused Internet Explorer to close this webpage" I have fully patched XP SP3. Any ideas ? Something to do with DEP maybe ? Thanks GP
  8. So, just for no reason, I decided to buy my own modem and stop paying Comcast $3 a month. Bought a Motorola SB5101, called Comcast and asked them to register the MAC address to my account. Fine. A few minutes later my connection goes offline. Plug in the new modem - nothing. Wait 24 hours, call support again, after 3 minutes of talking to the "technician"(quotes in respect to many real technicians I have worked with), in the middle of the conversation "thank you for calling 1-800-COMCAST" and hangs up. Plug my old modem back in. Live-Chat : apparently there's a problem with my signal (I was getting 20M down, 2M up - so I don't think so) - they'll send a tech. No, don't bother. I ask them if they have changed my registered MAC - no record of me ever asking them to. So here I am, thinking "did Comcast really just f with me to that extent for $3 a month ?" On the positive side, I never had to wait to be connected to a tech, and they did thank me for my latest payment. By the way, did I have to say "f" or are we all adults here ?
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