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  1. Like all penny auction sites, it's pretty much a scam. You pay for you bids...the more you buy, the less the bids cost, but generally it is around 70 cents to a dollar per bid. Each bid increases the total bid by 1 cent. If you win, you paid for your bids, plus pay the amount the winning bid ended up being. The catch is, say the timer is at 5 seconds and someone bids...the timer goes back up another 10 or 15 seconds, so it keeps delaying the end of the auction, and you will use many many many bids trying to win something. Now some sites actually make good on your bid and will send you the item, and others will not. But here's how they get rich: Consider a TV up for auction. It retails for 1,000 dollars. The winning bid is $175. Assuming all bids cost $1, that means there was 17,500 dollars raised in bids + 175 for the winning bid. Subtracting the cost of the TV, and assuming some bids were bought in bulk and less money, it's still easy to see that they made over 10k on that auction alone.
  2. adam22

    Bad Sectors

    Weird stuff starts happening when sectors start going bad...Documents can disappear, random reboots and crashes, etc..unusual slowdown. You'll know when you have a fault HDD on your hands. I personally would just keep using it if you aren't noticing anything out of the norm and don't plan on putting valuable data on it that you aren't prepared to lose. There is a spare hard drive in the computer I'm using right now, and the disk utility says it has a "few bad sectors" but I have the entire drive backed up to an external, and don't care if this one dies, just don't have the money or a spare 2.5" drive right now.
  3. Install missing plugins is a feature of FireFox that is found across all platforms. The best way to install software is to use your package manager/repositories. For Ubuntu I use Synaptic/aptitude, for SuSE you will go through YaST/Zypp. This ensures you are getting trusted software that should work. Adding repositories will customize your "app market" (because basically, the graphical package manager is just like using a smart phone app store) by adding additional software. For instance, say I add the repository for Clementine music player, I can now install it through the package manager if it wasn't listed before and when I get updates via the update manager, any updates for that software will also now be available. The way I install flash is to take the installation file (libflashplayer.so) and put it in /home/.mozilla/plugins and now I have flash on my system (for my user only).
  4. To install flash, I grab the .so file and place it in the appropriate directory, but I suppose that is just a personal preference.... Yes, the password will not show in the terminal window when entering your root password, this is a standard UNIX/Linux thing. It should show up if you entering in a graphical prompt, however.
  5. Thank you very much sir. All is well now.
  6. Enabling anti-aliasing has helped solve the problem. Does anyone use hinting style?
  7. Is it just me, or does this look terribly wrong? The top portion is size 13, the bottom is size 12. Font is TNR If it is not just me, how to fix it?
  8. It's just a window switcher. There's a variety of them in compiz. I'm using the ring switcher. My key bindings are super + tab Bruce is using Kwin for what it is worth. I think it's pretty much the same as compiz now a days but there could be differences.
  9. I can't watch the video right now so i don't know exactly what you are referring to but the cube deformation will turn it into a sphere or cylinder. There's a setting to make it so the view is from the inside a view. Flipping desktops comes from adding the "workplace switcher" to the panel.
  10. adam22

    Media Server

    I'll have to give it a try Duane. Hopefully it works.
  11. adam22

    Media Server

    I know this is a couple of weeks old but I might have to try using MediaTomb again. I was previously using it to stream movies to my PS3 but the video would lag and be choppy. I was not having these problems using WMC on Windows 7. I'm guessing a few tweaks might be needed to correct the problems.
  12. adam22

    Ubuntu for Android

    Sorry bruce, i pasted the wrong link! Thanks for fixing it.
  13. Your next desktop could be a phone! http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android
  14. There used to be on in the front yard. The apples were a little bigger than golf balls. My dad used them for hunting I think...dump a huge pile in the woods somewhere and set up a tree-stand nearby. At least I think that's where they all went.
  15. Uh...I'm sorry? Hope you have high speed (and that the updates don't break too much).
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