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  1. AND, that infection will most likely then be via your webbrowser (or email) thru Javascript/IFrames, & the wrong Adbanners... & yes, it's THAT easy... NOW, I don't think that'd be your fault. It's the app makers & the fact that scripting is so damn lame at times (but it can be useful too, but you don't NEED it for forums for Pete's sake, not really, for instance). You also seem to know what you're about, & I am surprised you didn't "dive into CIS Tool" to be honest, from how you speak here now. Being suckered by a bum adbanner (or forums board engine, like INVISION had problems with recently no less)? Not YOUR fault, & anyone can be hit by it, IF they use Javascript/IFrames in their browsers... after all, YOU LET THEM IN if you do that, your fault! Doesn't have to be adbanners detonated either mind you, just bogus page code... Not like opening some Word/Excel/Access/PowerPoint document via email would be, that is just plain senseless, OR, the move of a new person (I never put them down or call them noobs, I was one once too man)... I say that, because you have a decent setup, but the kind I see get burned thru, everyday no less, on the job. I don't service JUST "avg. users", I also service companies w/ network staffs under attack too... & this is just what I have seen, & fixed (& later secured so it could NOT get burnt, ever again, as best I knew how). Whoosh, exploits, of THAT nature, this year alone on paying calls I fielded? Of roughly 1,000 or so, around 400 were created by that mixture YOU noted & did what you said (or, rooted you via bogus drivers)... much of it is spyware though, NOT your traditional virus! Social engineering too... folks HAVE to learn some common-sense @ times too. AV programs, aren't the solution today, trust me... I see enough of a sampling as a pro, to tell you that, point-blank! I'm NOT saying (edit) don't use one, do... but, I just see a HECK of a lot more spyware than viruses, & for years now. Viruses. "traditional .exe or bootsector infector ones"? That is NOT THE PROBLEM TODAY mostly. Mostly, it's spyware (ask any security pro that) & YOUR APPS (because of scripting & vulnerablities holes, in their code, & IN THEIR DATAFILES)... Adobe, Office, IE, FF? All of them are gateways to infection nowadays, & those are only the KNOWN ones. They've been talking for years now, about "Blended Threats" in trade mags & such? Well, they're really out there nowadays & for about 2-3 yrs. now, even via adbanners for Pete's sake... get safer, or be stupid/irresponsible I say (that way, you don't spread it around either)... APK P.S.=> My next experiment, believe it or not (edit) is to run without antivirus OR antispyware, for around a month, & then scan my system for such threats, after the way my system is setup via my guide. I'd wager I won't get a virus/spyware/trojan/malware, infection @ all, period & then? If that comes out clean (which I STRONGLY wager it will)?? THEN, I won't run antivirus/antispywares ever again, no need! (Not "resident" as services/trayicon apps, @ least... BUT, I may keep them online for manual scans only, saving system resources in general (CPU/Memory/Disk I-O & more etc./et al))... I am betting I can do it. Then, it's off to "Challenge the Crackers"... IRC is where to find them too, lol, or @ least I used to. That's simply because it's easy to find them congregating there, & ANYONE can get your IP address on those networks... apk
  2. Thanks, I know... & many aren't my own, they are yours, & even mods here too. The rating system NEEDS moderation (or, alteration), no questions asked. This is a forums on computers - NOT English class. It's a post to help secure others, not about someone's opinion of what "good writing is". Good writing (for whatever that means from someone with no Phd in English no less, not that'd that would matter here), is NOT GOING TO HELP KEEP SOMEONE SAFE ONLINE, now, is it? It's for geeks to know how, to THAT level (87.100 for Windows Server 2003, &/or XP = 91/100)... & to spread it around MOSTLY/actually... but, then again, anyone can read & follow directions (anyone with any reading comprehension & some patience + willingness to learn) too. I've seen folks learn that guide & never get a virus, again. I've dealt with them for 2.5 decades around them, & 1.5 decades of that, on many levels (from tech/network tech/network admin/programmer-analyst/software engineer) as a pro... & users? Despite what "wannabe geeks" MAY think? Are NOT stupid! They can learn, especially when it's important. They aren't stupid. What is this with some computer people thinking that they are?? I think, for this "Average User" you are talking about? Something like learning that thread would be a COOL & FUN PROJECT to work on actually... kind of like securing your home. Folks do that all the time, themselves too! It's more if they're truly interested in being safe, & then, you'd be surprised what people are willling to read + learn to do so, & at NO COST! I've seen that setup get "burned right thru" before... in fact, one of the questions I get, from paying customers, is: "I DON'T GET IT - I HAVE (all you said above) & I AM INFECTED (AGAIN, usually)" I've seen it, TOO many times. Most of what you get hit by now, is bum apps (like IE browser holes, worst one there is, though I actually like it, MS really REALLY needs to work on it, no questions asked, especially w/ JavaScript/IFrames/ActiveX + buffer overflows)). Office apps as well. Ms (& others) ought to hold off an "upgrade cycle" & ISSUE A SECURITY HARDENED OS SERIES NEXT ROUND! (Instead of another VISTA, which is OK, but still has holes... most of its due to how its setup! It can be so much better, as can 2000/XP/Server 2003, for speed AND SECURITY, it's not even funny!) See the guide it is there... along with screenshots of Windows Server 2003 SP#2 fully hotfix patched (87/100 score), XP SP#2 fully hotfix patched (91/100 score) vs. SuSE Linux (91/100 score), each up from default policies setup score of approximately 47/100, each (which trust me, means you are a damn sitting duck online off the bat)... apk
  3. I take it personally, because it's mine, & solely meant to help others. Now, when I asked for critique? I stated in it @ some point (many times): "THIS ISN'T ENGLISH CLASS, THIS IS NOT A GRADE FOR A PAPER (nor, my last will & testament or some legal document) - IT'S ABOUT FINDING TECHNICAL HOLES IN MY POSTS SO OTHERS DO NOT GET HARMED BY ERRORS I MADE" In essence. Mere opinions, from those lacking a PhD in English no less, about THEIR OPINIONS ON GRAMMAR no less, only? That does NOT HELP SECURE SOMEONE'S SYSTEM! Period... & IS OFF TOPIC! Given by people who critique others' writing & yet do not have a PhD in English (much less computers, & THIS IS A FORUMS ON COMPUTING - not "English Grammar"). Seems many liked it, you did too, & yet these "english teacher wannabes" don't help secure a system better with their OUTRIGHT b.s.... guys, this is a forums on computing. Not English class. I can't stress that enough. That you allow that crap, amazes me. Even mods here feel this way, as I do, as noted above. Nothing they did could hurt my credibility in that thread, as all I got was "english critique" lol! STILL, no holes in the material itself that was "way off/wrong", other than 1 I found, & another iMonkey on another forums did (but, it was material I quoted from others & ASKED OTHERS TO LOOK IT OVER & FIND PROBLEMS IN IT, he did, wasn't my material though). It's more this forums' "street cred" really that could be hurt. See, anyone seriously into this field that wants to impart things to others WON'T POST AT A FORUMS LIKE THAT, trust me. Especially when its COMPUTERS, not english, @ issue. Even if for a prize (which was a NICE surprize for me, I did not even KNOW you people did that here)... trust me on that. Being modded down, even for $100, on a post you were out to help others with, especially today (virus riddled hell)? Think about it. Well, in the case of my post? I am not there for English, many liked it, & I know who "downrated it" @ this point anyhow, & it was over THEIR OPINION OF "WRITING STYLE" (the last resort of the technically effete, well, THAT, & "downrating" a post in retaliation - childish!) The way it is here? Absolutely. Not really. NOT TO THAT LEVEL & not on CIS Tool (a reputable & well noted security audit tool no less). (& I can prove it) Sure, you mean like this one THAT I WROTE 1997-2001, that a user here named me101 liked & posted @NEOWIN forums, as news, about 4 yrs. after I wrote it almost? Check it: http://www.neowin.net/news/main/01/11/29/a...--security-text * That is an excerpt of literally "THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE" #1, @ NTCompatible.com (& even extended beyond that one, the FIRST GUIDE FOR SPEED & SECURITY TUNING NT-BASED OS' NO LESS, from 1997, when I wrote it). Well, THAT old model of mine will only get you to around 70.xxx/100, where this new guide will get you 15 points over that OR MORE on XP in fact, into the 90's (from a default 47/100 roughly). It actually BORDERS ON THE IMPENETRABLE, because next step, if nobody finds holes in this rig? I am going to get to the hackers out there & allow them to "try to bust in" @ some point (& I have decades ago circa 1993-2001 to test)... as it is the "only true test" left imo. Trusth is? I'd like to see everyone feel THAT CONFIDENT in their systems online, & that's why I just "gave it away", why not?? It was my "New Year's Resolution" (do a good deed, lol, & I got that outta the way w/ that post). I think you had best try CIS Tool on Linux then, & see how far you get (47/100, just like XP does, on its default policies, & my post shows that much in fact, didn't you see the screenshots in the INTRO POST, comparing Windows Server 2003 SP#2 fully hotfix patched, & SuSE LINUX??) APK
  4. It was nice winning, HOWEVER: Somebody is downrating mine REALLY badly & without stating why (or put up "English Grammar" critiques, I mean, what is this? An English class, or a forums on computing for Pete's sake, lol!)... & to be honest about it? YOUR FORUMS BOARD NEEDS REVISION, & NEEDS TO HAVE SOMEONE STATE WHY THEY DID SO. I.E.-> You offer NO TRACKING as to who modded what, & why... That? Well... it's WRONG! Even your fellow mod Y Kawika felt the same, here: http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?show...0310&st=75# It makes me want to have you take it down from this site, honestly. I did this to help others, & this is what I get? I had NO IDEA you guys offered a prize to be blunt about it, & that was nice, but not the ratings without justification. AND VALID JUSTIFICATION (like if I posted some major screwup in it, technically, so it does not harm others). None of that was present. The fact you mods picked it, plus the fact it all works (& the CIS Tool evidences this for me alone, as well as many folks here stating they liked it) says it's no "1 star post"... Y Kawika also spoke of people rating other folks' posts down to make theirs "look good" etc. so they can win the damn prize... (Jeez, what a pack of idiots you must have to deal with (all of you mods here, I feel for you). I'd boot them all one by one, until it ceased, personally). APK
  5. Agreed, 110%/Likewise, same here... * Just goes to show you, there is ALWAYS something more to try out & learn... Thus, you CAN teach an "old dawg, new trix!"... lol! APK P.S.=> For more than a decade++ I have used Windows, & I never KNEW about this one! (Oh, sure - I know other tricks in using the SHIFT key of course,) E.G. -> Like use of the SHIFT key for stopping AutoExec macros in Microsoft's compound ole structured storage documents (e.g.-> Excel Spreadsheets, Word Documents, Access Databases, etc. et al) from running using it OR Holding down SHIFT @ Windows logon during startup stops the StartupGroup programs from running, for a couple examples! HOWEVER - I have never tried this one (& it is cool + does work - AND, you do have to sort of try it to get what he means really - it's cool, & useful by all means (rating this one highly after I post this in fact))... apk
  6. Not until now (right after I post this)... so, there ya go! * Anyhow, I can't see HOW anyone could rate this post "too far down" (as in 1), & also NOT mention why it was rated down. I'll give it less than a 5, because you have to make note of the fact of the things I noted above, that a traceroute can show you no less, that CAN & DO affect tests like these... BUT, I won't rate it any less than 4 (editing in now, I rated it 4) SIMPLY because of "internet weather/traffic conditions" can make these tests SOMEWHAT less accurate really. Still, it is a neat thing to test & see your results for, nevertheless. APK P.S.=> It's most likely best to use a variety of sites for it, & now I see you guys ARE putting up more tests of this nature (more "2nd Doctor's Opinions" etc., which is good)... apk
  7. I'd wager THESE parts of it, had the greatest effect: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced] "NoNetCrawling"=dword:00000001 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer] "NoRemoteRecursiveEvents"=dword:00000001 They're essentially telling explorer.exe to NOT go looking for things it might as far as network shares & such... I.E.-> Things it'd scan for on a LAN-WAN setup. (Just on a guess!) APK
  8. Well, I did not take this test, because it demands FLASH player be installed (& I don't trust it as of late, but, that's just personal - this site's fairly well-known, & afaik? Reputable as well). What I am wondering here is, who the heck rated this guy's post down, & why? I didn't, because it seems like a decent thing to try @ least. * PLUS, afaik @ least? It seems like a legit enough test of online speed (even considering the fact a LOT of things can affect this, such as the hop transit you take to get to a particular server & if there's "lag" in them (i.e. - "internet weather conditions")). A traceroute can show that much though... &, in a way? dthurner basically makes this point in the post before mine. (STILL, it's no good reason for ME @ least, to go & "shoot down" jackpot's thread here... but, I see others' have - guys, don't you offer WHY you might "downrate" somebody else's post? I admittedly just "skimmed thru" the results, but, I didn't see any reaons in my look thru as to WHY someone rated his post down is all, & the reason I ask that.) APK
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