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  1. I find there's less of that if you play the hard core matches.
  2. Have you ever been to a LAN gaming center? The legit ones have to pay licensing fees for the games, depending on game distributor.
  3. I got it and finished the single player campaign. Most of the same characters from the first and it's a continuation of the story line. It's been a long time since I've played the first one, so I can't really comment on if the graphics are "better". They certainly aren't worse.
  4. KrazyKooter


    You'd be surprised the type of data that marketing companies have on individuals. Most marketing companies get their info from other companies that compile it such as Acxiom or InfoUSA. I work for a marketing company that uses the data provided by these companies. For fun, I looked up my household to see the information there (we work on a per household basis). I wasn't listed, but my wife was. I was a bit shocked to see all the different types of data collected. I asked how this data gets collected and the response I got was from surveys, product registrations, stuff like that. I'm sure that'
  5. There is a difference between being superior and being vastly superior.
  6. You got a free hard drive, so it seems if you are the one that won the argument.
  7. What gives? Josie, you haven't posted here in about a month, then jump on to say you're leaving? No offense, but I thought you already left.
  8. Most of the games that I still play use DX 7.
  9. KrazyKooter


    Any bets on what date it will be pushed back to?
  10. So, basically, they're spending $60 on a USB cable?
  11. I have a keyboard that has the keys lit. It plugs in any USB port just like any other USB keyboard.
  12. I believe it was in one of the newsletters. I don't remember who the author of the article was.
  13. I used to do this many years ago. Usually, the people who seemed to have the most problems had older computers. It got to the point where they would pay more for me to fix it than it would for them to buy a new computer. And now with computer prices even cheaper, you can buy a computer for $300 (yes, I know, but that's what you'll be told).
  14. The only problem I am having is finding the game on store shelves. It's like the game isn't distributed to my area of the world.
  15. What a load. Too bad I didn't think of this. What do they do, just tell people to use power saving mode and then charge $15 for it? Of course, they probably charge first.
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