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  1. I uncheck all of the checkboxes except for common tasks and visual styles.
  2. I regulary receive issues of the PCPitStop Newsletter. In the February 2008 issue, you linked to a survey on spam at SurveyMonkey. While the survey was about spam, the site sounded suspicious, so I did a quick SiteAdvisor check on the website. To my surprise, it said "After entering our e-mail address on this site, we received less than 1 e-mail per month. They were somewhat spammy." Looking at the details, it seems like they received about one spam message a month. The user reviews show that there is a controversy, so it may just be a mistake. Does registering for the survey on spam actually
  3. choicefresh

    Tiny URL

    TinyUrl has a preview feature that can be accessed by going to http://preview.tinyurl.com/ . You can also get a cookie that automatically does this from their website preferences/
  4. What is the difference between Paint.net and GIMP? They sound like the same thing...
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