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  1. Hi Bin, I am taking this as you do not see any wireless networks availible, hope that is right. Try turning on your wireless and then go into Device Manager. Take a look at your network devices, open the plus sign, and see if your wireless card is listed. If not, your card may have gone bad. Try to reinstall the drivers. If that doesn't work, you may have to take it to the shop, or buy a USB adapter to connect. Hope this helps, RMC
  2. Post a Pit test, I think we need alittle more info.
  3. That sounds about right. Standard Vcore should be 1.5v.
  4. What are the voltage readings? If they are highlighted in red I would suspect a low voltage concern.
  5. Sounds as if the drive is toast. I would return it. Probably just a glitch in that drive, I've installed many WD drives and never had a problem. And yes, I've formated drives before ( one WD and a seagate ) that went thru the format but didn't work when it was time to install the OS.
  6. Just follow the prompts, it will ask what type of card you have. I have never had a problem with leaving my AV on while downloading from their site. But I do agree with Dickster, one of the older drivers may be best suited for your card.
  7. You can find the latest drivers at the Nvidia site, just make sure your card is compatible with the newest drivers.
  8. You may want to finish the defrag, but I would boot into Safe Mode and run it there. Keep hitting F8 after the Bios screen, just before Windows boots up. This should get you to Safe Mode. And .......
  9. Have you changed anything on your computer? Installed a new program? Have you tried deleting your temp files? You might try defraging your hard drive. Hard to say without some info.
  10. And check into Defragment files (Drive C) • Slow Internet performance • Adjust IE browser cache size • Check disabled devices Memory glitched
  11. Could be the new power supply is bad.
  12. Hi 1966, Give this a read , #5 may give you some insight on the drivers you need to install. Hope this helps.
  13. Rmc

    crash help

    Hi Kjarni, Try posting a test result, this will help us help you. You may have too many programs eating up your resources or a drive problem. Posting a test will show this. And .....
  14. As Milk said , you set your rate to high at the end of the test. You have way to many programs running in the background. This is eating up your memory resoures. Try turning some of the programs off and you should note an increase in performance.
  15. If the tech installed a different hdd, I would think you have a problem with the cable. I understand it is under warranty, but if you what to use the computer, you might have to replace the cable yourself.
  16. Did you try un-installing the sound drivers and download the drivers from the mobo web site?
  17. Did you reformat your hard drive? If not I would suggest you format and do a reinstall. BTW....
  18. What type of Video card are you using now?
  19. Do you need help, or is that a statement ?
  20. First post a test how to post
  21. how to post a test
  22. Defrag your harddrive a couple of times before you test.
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