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  1. I have had better luck with the PCL 5e driver, then the 5 or 6. Works with XP, Vista, and 7.
  2. Just remember, wireless has security concerns. Be sure to change the Router's user name and password, setup your own SSID and use WPA or better encryption. And as Joe C. said " You can just not use the other ports and if by some strange chance in your future, you'll have the extra ports if you need them. "
  3. Here is a link to Microsoft's IP rebuild tool. Do you want to rebuild TCP/IP or just renew your connection?
  4. I don't think there is much you can do if the file is corrupted. Found this at the Microsoft website. Here is something Jojesa suggested in an earlier topic. You might give it a try. 1- Open Outlook Express. Click the Tools menu. 2- Select Options, then click the Maintenance tab. 3- Click the Store Folder button. Browse for the name of the folder where your files were stored. These files often include outgoing email messages or messages that you sent to someone. Write the name of the folder. 4- Close Outlook Express. 5- Double-click the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop. 6- Click
  5. You need to talk to your IT administrator, your trying to go around security policy could and probably would cause your company's info to be hacked.
  6. First I would check my computer name and workgroup name on both computers. Have you installed any new service pack updates that may have changed file settings on your computers. If you do not see anything, try setting up your network using a new workgroup name. Just be aware that you will have to re-map any previously mapped drives or printer.
  7. Is the disconnect happening when the microwave or cordless telephone is being used? maybe it is interference. Try moving the wireless router.
  8. Had cable and it did the same thing yours is doing. Cable company came out rewired the house... same thing, checked down line from pole with meter......same thing. Now have DSL.
  9. Have you tried a new network card? The card could be going bad loosing the connection intermittently.
  10. My last thought would be Windows Service pack 3. I have had problems with service pack3 on older computers. It will cause them to creep along. You might try and uninstall the service pack in Control Panel.You will then need to install the updates for service pack2. Or you could do a complete clean install of Windows.
  11. The other anti-virus program is listed as Eset online scanner. Spybot is not an anti-virus program. Try finding Eset and turn it off or uninstall it.
  12. Hi Jess, Looks like you have two anti-virus programs running at the same time. Try uninstalling one of the programs. I would keep the AVG program and get rid of the other, it's up to you.
  13. Go to My Computer on the desktop and right click, go to properties, look at the Tabs, find computer name and see what the name shows in the box. That is the name to type in the run box on the laptop after the \\. I am thinking the name of the desktop is different.
  14. Go to the computer (desktop) and click on My Computer see if there is a hand under the icon for C: drive. If it is then the drive is shared and you will need to go to the laptop and open the run box. Type in the name of the desktop and you should see the shared drive. You then need to map the desktop drive to the laptop, at the laptop. Don't forget to put two backslashes before the name of the desktop.
  15. Once you have Mapped the folder or drive you wish to share, go to the other compter and open the run command. In the run command box, type the name of the computer you have the share folder or shared drive in the box. Use two backslashses and the name of the computer, such as "" \\name " (without the quote marks). This should open the window showing the shared drive. or navigate to the folder and map it to your computer. You will need to know the name of the computer to make it work.
  16. Try going to Netgear's site and look in the legacy hardware drivers download page for an updated driver for Windows 95. One thing I would wonder, is how much RAM is required to run Windows, Internet Explorer, plus the wireless connection utility. 32Mbs may not be enough.
  17. Hi Jess, We need a little help here. What speed processor, how much RAM, what operating system are you running, and how do you hook up to the internet? Try running a Pit test and post your results. It will help us help you. RMC
  18. The easiest way to hook up would be to use a HUB or Router, or If you have two network cards in one computer you could use a crossover cable. This would allow you to connect the other computer to the network through the one with two NICs. To answer your question about splitting the cable... no.
  19. Sounds like your NIC doesn't like the new drivers. Have you tried looking for updated drivers at the manufacturer's website? You might even try installing a new NIC that says it is Vista ready.
  20. Maybe you should try another NIC if you have room for it. Seems you have tried everything else.
  21. Hi Woz, Are you running an anti-virus program? If you are, update the anti-virus program and run a full system scan. My main worry would be that this virus is hiding in a file somewhere and is waiting for you to access it again. The biggest problem is the virus seems to have already done its damage, and has reset all your premissions. Your problem is, do you continue to use a damaged OS or do you save all your data and do a reformat and full reinstall. If you do a reinstall, be sure to scan your saved data with a good anti-virus program,before you add it back to your newly insta
  22. Just because your ISP says you 3Mbps or 5Mbps at your pole doesn't mean that is what is happening at your modem connection. Your POTs (plain old telephone system) line in your house may be to old to carry that speed. The line may not have enough twist in the line. maybe it runs close to an electrical device that is causing interference. Some telephone providers will come out and check your speed at the box, and if you ask they will check it at the modem connection. RMC
  23. Sounds like your modem is set to be the DHCP and is assigning the IP's for all the devices connected to it. Check the routers setup page and see if the box for "use router as DHCP" has a check mark in it. If it is the DHCP, and the IP setting is Dynamic then the router should hand out the IP's starting with 192.168.1....., Then go to Start, Run, type cmd, type IPCONFIG, hit enter; should show your computer's NIC IP configuration, your subnet, and the gateway as . Be sure to write down all the information in the IP boxes before you change them, in case you have to reuse them.
  24. You could buy a simple crossover cable and network the two together.
  25. Rmc

    Career change

    Thank you all for your replys. I have decided to go ahead with the training and get the certs. The training is "hands on", and is paid for. And, as some of my friends have said, I can add the certs to my resume and show I am still continuing my education. Thanks again, RMC
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