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    P4 3.2 Asus P4C800 Deluxe 800 fsb 160gig Raid 3.0 1gig OCZ Dual Channel Nvidia FX 5900 Ultra Hyundai V770+ 17"
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  1. Hi Jo-ann, Glad to hear you decided to get a faster connection. You test results show you have three issues you should resolve. Try clicking on the suggested fixes and read how to correct them. I usually just let the auto fixes do the repairs. That is except for the brower size, you will have to set that yourself. Get ready for a big performance boost , have a great Thankgiving and
  2. If you want to fully enjoy your faster, top of the line computer, then it's time to think about DSL or Cable.
  3. Try posting your test results, this will help us help you. How to post your results
  4. Even the fastest computer will be slow loading web pages on Dail Up. But if it is slow doing everything else, then you may have a problem.
  5. Rmc

    Data Retieval

    You could try an repair the Master Boot Record on the drive, that may help you retrieve the data.
  6. Run a Pit Test and post your results, this will help us help you. And Welcome To The Pit
  7. I've been married 29 years myself. 6 years to my first wife, 9 to my second and 14 to the one I was looking for.
  8. Alot of the fast machines around here run Raptor Hdds made by Western Digital. I personaly run two Sata Maxtor 80gigs in Raid 0. And have been very happy with them.
  9. Did you try the fix on how to activate activeX?
  10. Dickster Do you see the date and time in the box? When you click here?
  11. Don't know if this will help, try going into internet options, advanced and click "restore defaults". Might be a setting in your browser.
  12. Have you changed anything on your computer? Installed a new program? Have you tried deleting your temp files? You might try defraging your hard drive. Hard to say without some info.
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