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  1. Palestinian leaders do Palestinian terrorists certainly do not! I have already provided links about that. My point is that none of the Palestinian terrorists will stop the bombing no matter what. I am making a very clear distiction between Palestinians and Palestinian terrorists like Hamas.
  2. I am not getting into this battle but this statement cant be more wrong. They have admitted that they want all Israelis dead. Moving is not the answer
  3. Nope.. Just taking their quotes to heart. They will not be satisfied until ALL Israelis are dead. I guess I am old fashioned and believe what good is a terrorist if he is not an honest terrorist
  4. It might But it would not stop them *Would you like a green grape or a red grape?
  5. It might But it still would not stop them.
  6. and the terrorists. Wont stop them. They have already said so
  7. I guess thats one opinion You have a right to have that opinion
  8. Lets not jump to conclusions yet I am not saying they are not to blame but there is another side CNN
  9. You can use one of the free hosting services online or ask one of our generous pitsters to host it for you.
  10. How could you be so sure that its an excuse? If Israel is correct about these buildings then I feel they have a justifyable position
  11. Excellent point Bruce. I retract what I said. You are right and I agree!
  12. I agree but I find it difficult to believe that they only decided to put sarin gas in 1 shell. EDIT: It retrospect I do believe it can be considered WMD because that was what it was intended for . However I do not think finding only 1 shell is good enough to say "See there were WMD and we went there for the right reasons"
  13. In the article While there are definite issues here, they are not just randomly removing innocent people from there homes because they feel like it.
  14. Here is some more hope as well Israel/Jordan
  15. If a thread on real mashed potatoes vs. Instant got closed I think we would all need to step away from our computers for a while Why not give jay a blind taste test. have hime take a couple of spoons the real and instant and see if he can tell the difference. I think he would. I grew up on the instant and loved it. I only make real now because my son will only eat the real ones. (I prefer them as well and now that I have a potato ricer, it's a lot easier to make)
  16. absolutely no comparison... Real or nothing
  17. lib·er·al ( P ) Pronunciation Key (lbr-l, lbrl) adj. 1) Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry. 2) Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded. Looking at these definitions I would say I am a liberal. But I do not like to be put into any catagory.
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