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  1. I wouldnt want to give up so easily. Whats up with the computer now? Lets work on it. I am sure if we work on it, between the people at the pit and yourself we can help edit: see if this helps more microsoft stuff
  2. wouldnt hurt to defragment the drive and clean out the junk Did you run the test in safe mode?
  3. Could you run a pitstop test to see what else you have running. Sounds like something is interfering with the game. Possibly an antivirus or auto scan
  4. Please go to the following link Linksys and scroll to the bottom "related answers" click on the "Getting Association (signal strength), but no Internet access" This sounds like it might be your problem. Please let us know
  5. What type of surge protection do you have for your computer? Sounds like the power surge currupted a file.
  6. Take a look at the following article Internet Connection Firewall scroll down to "Internet Connection Firewall" and read about what changed. Sounds like this is your problem And welcome to the pit :welcome:
  7. its a long shot but I guess anything is possible Microsoft article
  8. can I assume that they worked at one time? Have you installed anything recently (hardware or software) before the drive problem occurred?
  9. hftmrock

    Word 2000

    Glad I could help.
  10. hftmrock

    Word 2000

    welcome to the Pit dembones :welcome: please read the following link to see if this helps Low resources
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