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  1. If the others can access the internet, then we have to assume that the router is connected correctly. Therefore it must be the settings on your computer. You should try the Internet connection Wizard from help. If you cannot do that, take a look at Internet explorer - Tools - Internet Options - Connections Tab - It should have 'never dial a connection' selected. Hit the Lan Settings button and select 'automatically detect settings' Also - can you try to hard wire that laptop to the router just to see if you can connect?
  2. well I think El Tel and I are in agreement that the law should change and state no smoking in any private business unless that business has built (at his own cost) a separate well ventilated room just for smokers approved by the health organization of that country. I think it would also need its own entrance but I think this is a compromise that works. 100% freedom for businesses to allow smoking in their facilities as long as it does not affect other customers patronizing the business. Freedom of choice... let the businesses decide. The law should change.
  3. so you are counting on the people (non smokers) who will go into these establishments and risk getting cancer and dying.. in fact it sounds like this is preferrable to you. If you can smoke in these establishments... then the non smokers will come too (not sure of any other way to increase it three fold) and we can give them our poisons.. As long as we can smoke and have our freedoms.. who cares about those people who choose to come in. They want to risk cancer by my smoke.. who cares about them. Who cares about the workers sho serve me the drinks.. they can get another job someone else I am s
  4. so could a smoker.... is that what they are doing lately?
  5. so your way is dont go in or risk cancer the current way is anyone goes in and if a smoker feels the need to smoke they can go outside... the difficulty is seeing that those 2 are equally fair choices.
  6. there is still a difference.... Worst case scenarios you go into a no smoking pub and the worst thing that happens is you get drunk and feel you need a cigarette. I go into a smoking allowed pub and I breath in second hand smoke and have the possibility of getting cancer and dying. You go into a non smoking bar.. no one there poisons you (except maybe the alchohol) I go into a smoking allowed bar and I could get poisoned. You can go out and smoke I cant go out and remove the second hand smoke from my lungs (that is the difference in choices)
  7. only if they build smokers a separate enclosed ventalated room that the health org. approves. .. at that point.. I agree... the law should read no smoking except where there is an enclosed ventalated room approved by the health organization. I will agree to that 100%. I hope they change the law to reflect that... of course this will run into thousands of dollars in renovations for the owners but I think its a small price to pay for freedom. So I see we do agree... Very nice
  8. I can't see where you are coming from, this far from what smokers are saying. Not one smoker want to limit a non smoker on his choice of work or where he/she finds their recreation. You say this but prove my statements wrong... What choice do I have if these places allow smoking? All we smokers want is the "Freedom Of Choice" as long as you are not jeopardising anyone elses health I agree with you. This includes people that 'choose' to be near you while you smoke If you are referring to smokers, why should they be ostracised out in the cold in winter. We want our choic
  9. so your 'freedom' simply means.... I can no longer go to bars anymore if I dont want to risk cancer I can no longer go to bowling alleys anymore if I dont want to risk cancer I can no longer go to clubs anymore if I dont want to risk cancer I can no longer go on a plane anymore if I dont want to risk cancer I can no longer go to a supermarket if I dont want to risk cancer I can no longer go out to dinner if I dont want to risk cancer I can no longer go to museums if I dont want to risk cancer My choices of where to work is SEVERELY limited if I dont want to risk cancer I c
  10. I wasnt going to post anymore feeling its run its course but I have to ask.... When I was a kid, all private businesses had the choice and 99% of them allowed smoking... what makes you believe that many would remain non smoking now? Here is where we differ. I believe most would allow it since smokers would be happy and lots of people would just grin and bear it if they are non smokers. According to some, it was more profitable when they allowed smoking. why would they make their business non smoking if it would be more profitable to allow it?
  11. see if you are getting any errors... make sure you have no realplayer processes running and double click the realplayer icon. (Note the time). After about a minute, go to start --> programs --> Administrator tools --> event viewer click 'application' see if Real Player is giving you an error and if so, post it here.
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