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  1. Hi--Just got 3 new Samsung SSDs. Installed and running fine, but in my PC's default SATA mode. I know AHCI mode is probably better, and that's what PC Matic's SSD module also recommends and asks if I want PC Matic to change it. This is a BIOS function that should be done in Safe Mode--can PC Matic handle that? When I tried to change it manually, the BIOS threw up a big warning saying the PC might not boot or might require a re-install. Ugh, don't want that. Hoping someone can tell me whether to let PC Matic make this change. Thank you.
  2. Any word on this yet? My ticket #FQR-733-5720. The screenshot you show is not an exclusion list. It only prevents Norton from notifying you with the pop-up intrusion warning. Meanwhile, it keeps detecting the threat in the background, using computer resources and slowing other processes when it detects the threat and throws up the warning. Thanks for any help you guys can offer on this.
  3. Same problem here. I'm ticket #FQR-733-57420 on a Win 10 system and have sent in the log file but haven't heard anything back. For those out there having the same issue, when you download the ntrights.exe file right from PC Pitstop, it passes the Norton anti-virus scan just fine. I use Norton 360 and it appears the detection occurs in Norton's Intrusion Protection Service. Contacting Norton is a non-starter unless you are a real techie, as they can't replicate the problem, so they send you instructions for capturing all packets, but it's full of acronyms and interface instructions so good luc
  4. I can't find an answer to this most basic question, either here or in the manual, and experimentation doesn't seem to help. So: what the hell is white listing? If I check a service or start-up app to whitelist, does that mean PC Matic will NOT mess with it when I do future scans? I do understand how to manipulate the white list, but want to make sure I'm right on what it's for. Thanks for any help.
  5. I have Mozy backup software installed and working correctly but the test results say I need to install backup software such as Carbonite or Mozy. Any idea why it would not detect Mozy? http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=44GMHWQ6TQVSVXAV Thanks, Tim O.
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