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  1. Hey there! Happy hump day. When I do the most recent steps you gave me it brings up the tree on the left but the only folder that has any reference to Pitstop now only has the Erase install and the DNA. I deleted the Optimize through our last trip. The only thing that's showing in the PC Pitstop folder is a driver alert program. Start>Programs>PC Pitstop> Optimize>uninstall PC Pitstop Optimize....there's no reference or option for anything to do with Optimize. When I did this in our last step........"Go to Start>Programs>PC Pitstop>Optimize>uninstal
  2. It's been another one of those days. Firsst chance I've had to get here. I've got way too many things going on in my life and feel like none of them are getting the undivided attention they need. Some of the biggest ones are time sensitive to. Feel like I'm running out of time. When I click on My Computer it doesn't bring up the tree like you show. I have seen that elsewhere and can get to it (when I remember how) but it doesn't show a PC Pitstop folder either. When I click My computer it shows two folders, Local Disk C, Drive D and E, My Sharing Folders, and the Life Cam. When I c
  3. Aha! I see the Optimize and Erase, but maybe the DNA isn't actually one of your programs and I somehow got it mixed in there. Those strung together moments we were referring to earlier. OK. Off to bed for me. Talk atcha tomorrow.
  4. Actually, I thought I knew how to do that but I just went in there and I guess I don't. Thought I could just make a new folder then drag those programs to it. I'll work a few more minutes on it but you may have gone to bed already so if I don't hear back within a few minutes, I'll just wait till tomorrow and see what you suggest. It just dawned on me that I think I remember seeing that I could go and re.......wait...let me go doublecheck.
  5. Well........I did as you said but I think I ran into a problem. SHOCK and awe!!!! I have the Optimize in a bundle with Erase and DNA. Actually had 2 separate folders with all of them in there. I did the uninstall, then went in and deleted the Optimize from them. When I did the reinstall something came up that said the installer already exists, do I want to install anyway. I said yes. When I went to run it I got that same damned cannot connect . So.....how do I get rid of the Optimize without losing my Erase and DNA? Should I make a new folder for each of them so it only leaves Op
  6. Guess I'll go ahead and go for it. Hope to be back shortly. Cross your fingers. Oh....that site you gave me to go for the reinstall....I don't need any key numbers or anything like that? It'll just let me reinstall?
  7. Okey Dokey Smokey. I'm outta here for a few to do that. How much longer do you figure you'll be around tonight? Should I put a rush (LOL) on it or take my time?
  8. The only time I feel like there's a problem with my speed is when I run the PC Pitstop tests. Maybe I need to uninstall and then reinstall Optimize. I also have the Erase and DNA programs. Haven't installed either of them yet but at this point I'm a little gun shy, to say the least. Actually....I have the problems both with my Optimize program and when I run the full tests from your website. Hmmmm.
  9. Router? I see that all over the place but thought it had something to do with being on a network. I have a line that is plugged into the phone jack then there's a 'splitter'? I think it's called. That plugs into my DSL modem and the DSL modem plugs into my puter. I will be going to a wireless modem here in the next few months but imagine the way this is set up will basically be the same. Right? So am I behind a router?
  10. So I'm thinking adding that might not be such a great idea. I'll play with all the options for a while and see what kind of profile I can come up with that I'm satisfied with. How about the pix. do those come from.....another SM.....can't remember what it was that made me think that might be the baby. Not emoticons......d**n you shouldn't have reminded me about my memory problems! BTW It sometimes takes me a little longer to reply because I'm not a very fast nor accurate typer so I make mistakes and have to fix them.
  11. I SO relate But mine are so many moments strung together!! What does it mean in the profile thing when they say to remove the line at the end of your TechExpress....something? It'll be a work in progress.
  12. Cool!!!!!!! Ther it is. It took me a minute because there was so much you know what on the screen that I just started all over again. Just hitting the enter worked. C:\Documents and Settings\>tracert Tracing route to datareturn.com [64.29.20 1.21] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms dslrouter [] 2 31 ms 32 ms 31 ms L100.DSL-06.LSANCA.verizon-gni.net [] 3 33 ms 32 ms 33 ms G10-1-2706.LCR-07.LSANCA.verizon-gni.net [130.81 .45.184] 4 35 ms 32 ms 33 ms so-7-1-0-0.BB-RTR1.LAX0
  13. More than 80% of people who make over $150k a year had music in their backgrounds. Sang, played etc. Music teaches you how to listen, concentrate and find harmony with others. More than 80% of people who make over $150k a year had music in their backgrounds. Sang, played etc. Music teaches you how to listen, concentrate and find harmony with others. Nope. It's turning black but you can see what's being pasted still. The only thing that's happening to that screen is I'm adding a bunch of crap to it because I'm holding down the control and c way too long. It seems to happen in a
  14. I just got to that My Control thing and had just started to check it out when I noticed that you'd been the last to post here so I came right over. Hang on. I'll go give it another try....
  15. As I'm sitting here playing with things...I'd be happy to make a 'profile card' but I haven't decerned how to do that. BTW, I love your car picture!
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