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  1. Thank you for the article! I am going to try nLite. I don't know what I am doing at all. . .so it will be trial and error. I was actually hoping one of the brilliant tech savvy Forum Members had actually done a Slipstream and could post the instructions using the built-in DISM Utility. I will give it my best shot however I have a feeling I am going to fail at it.
  2. Thank you for your advice! It appears to me that nLite is utilized after the ISO has already been burned to DVD. I wanted to slipstream the updates before I burn the ISO. Can I just extract the downloaded ISO into a Folder and then utilize nLite to slipstream the Updates and then create a DVD? I think with DISM I can extract the ISO into a Folder first and then slipstream the Updates and then create a DVD. Not sure. If anyone can be of assistance with instructions I would really appreciate it very much. Thank you again!
  3. I have a very slow DSL connection so I have to go to the Library to even download the Windows 10 ISO and the corresponding Windows 10 Updates. Given that the released Windows 10 Updates are very large, is there a way to slipstream the Updates into the Windows 10 ISO while I am at the Library? The Library has a fast connection and is allowing me to download the ISO and the Updates and then put the ISO on a DVD. So is it possible to first slipstream the Updates within the ISO and then put the updated ISO on the DVD? If anyone can assist me with instructions and commands I would be very appreciative. I will print out the instructions/commands and bring them with me to the Library if there is a simple method. I will be downloading the ISO to the Library computer which I have already been given permission to do. Do I save this ISO to a particular Folder on the HD? I think I then have to extract the WIM file from the ISO and save that to another Folder? And then I utilize DISM to slipstream the Updates to the Folder that has the WIM file? Is that correct? Not sure. Nor am I sure what commands I utilize to accomplish the slipstream procedure. Thank you again for any assistance you may be able to provide.
  4. Here is my uptime upon a fresh boot this morning: 14:10:19 up 14 min, 2 users, load average: 2.22, 2.16, 1.44
  5. Lubuntu seems to be working fairly well. Except for this issue: My CPU usage is always at 100%. Always. Is there a way to find out what application is causing the high CPU? Top shows nothing eating up the CPU. Even at idle my CPU is at 100%. Never changes. Never goes down. Always at 100% no matter what. %Cpu(s): 35.2 us, 64.8 sy These two figures always add up to 100% no matter what. If one goes down in value the other immediately goes up to equal 100%. Always. Is this harmful to the CPU? Is there a fix? No applications are freezing as a result and, actually, Lubuntu is running better than it was right at first. But the high CPU usage does bother me and I am not sure what is causing the issue.
  6. I believe the video drivers is why I was having trouble rebooting after installation and had to do a cold boot to even get to the Desktop. I was able to update the video driver and since that time I have not had any problems booting to the Desktop, although I still cannot access User account settings where I would like to disable the sending of files over the internet. I wish I knew what folder that setting was located in so I can disable it within the folder. Lubuntu is working better. I am able to update via the terminal. Thanks once again for all the help that has been provided to me. I have learned a lot.
  7. OK. . .thank you for the information. . .you have been a terrific help. . . I was so frustrated I tried again for the 8th time. . .I may be dumb at computers but I don't think I am that dumb. . . So again the 8th time after installation I got a black screen and nothing more. . .so I did a cold reboot (again). Why do I keep getting a black screen after installation? Again after the cold reboot I was able to get to the Desktop. Why is that? I did a upgrade and a dist upgrade through the terminal rather than through the Software Updater which keeps crashing I did not run the Intel Graphics Installer. . .instead entered the PPA's for Intel Graphics The Intel driver did update when I did an upgrade and a dist upgrade through the terminal command. Then things started to work just a little better. Still cannot change user settings and I am still getting an error message when I run the Software Updater. But at least I can reboot and no more black screens or frozen keyboard or mouse! Well. . .so far anyway. . . I will keep OpenSuse in mind but being that it is almost a 5GB download it would take a week on my computer to download. Thank you again for all the assistance. I certainly have learned a lot. Or should I say I have learned I suck at computers.
  8. After 6 fresh installs, 6 frozen screens, 6 cold reboots, on the seventh try, I finally got Lubuntu to work. . .sort of. At least I got to a Desktop. . . The Intel Graphics Installer doesn't work I cannot change advanced settings for User The Software Updater keeps crashing I am throwing in the towel. . .Thank you for all of your help. . .I very much appreciate all the efforts. . .but I just can't seem to get Linux to work on my old computer. . .
  9. Thank you once again for your help. I am downloading Lubuntu today. Not as big of a file. I can put it on a CD. May work better on my old hardware. Then when I get to a computer with a very fast connection I will try out Kubuntu 13.10. I will follow your instructions as you have posted above. Thank you again for all of the assistance.
  10. I don't remember where I read this information but I have been doing a lot of research since my last failure as stated above: Apparently the current Intel driver update released in December (I think) only supports kernel versions no higher than 3.12. The current kernel version that has been released is 3.13. The kernel version in the fresh install daily build which I downloaded on 1/6/14 is 3.12.
  11. Here are the repos that are showing a "404 not found": sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates sudo add-apt-repository ppa:glasen/intel-driver sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers Is it because I am utilizing a developmental build?
  12. Quote: "don't do a fresh install there really is no need assuming you get to a desktop always using the failsafe mode." Unfortunately if I don't have a working keyboard or mouse in recovery mode I can't do anything. Ok here is what I just finished experimenting with: 1. Fresh install-everything worked fine 2. I did a kernel update to 3.13.05 3. Through your instructions above I was able to get the Graphics Installer to work!! Finally! Thank you! 4. Unfortunately. . .it appears the Graphics Installer only installed a new driver. . .it appears it did not correlate with the kernel update at all. . .because. . .as soon as I rebooted. . . I got the boot up splash screen way way over to the left of the monitor with only the last two letters showing the "t" and the "u". . .and it froze right there with no working keyboard or mouse. . .always the Kubuntu spash screen logo has always appeared in the middle. . .not experienced this before. . . did a cold reboot for the 18th time. . . went into recovery mode. . .had a split screen of text. . .half on the left and half on the right with a big space down the middle. . .and no working keyboard or mouse. . .cold reboot for the 19th time. Quote: "The black screen or hanging on the boot-up spash screen only occurs upon a kernel update. . . . . . so you can't get to any desktop environment" That is correct and I also have no working keyboard or mouse when it hangs. Cold reboot is the only way. . . Then when I do a cold reboot I am able to get into GRUB (if I hold down the shift key). . .but I don't have a working keyboard or mouse after GRUB appears so I have no way of doing anything but another cold reboot. . . and. . .after I got into GRUB this time there was a split screen as I described above with no working keyboard or mouse. . .could not do anything but a cold reboot. . .never have had a split screen before like that. . .it was really weird. . .you could not even read half the text as it was way off to the right or to the left. . . This is the way the system stands now. . .I haven't done anything else. . . I could do another fresh install and follow your instructions above if that may help Also some of the repos show "404 not found". I will prepare a list of the ones that do show that error and post.
  13. Thank you so much! I really appreciate this very much! I have a P4 Dell Dimension 2400 with Integrated Intel Graphics. I believe the Intel Graphics Driver is 82845G or it could be the 845. The black screen or hanging on the boot-up spash screen only occurs upon a kernel update. The last kernel update that I tried to boot with was The kernel may have been updated since. Upon a fresh install I do get a KWin Crash if I go into System Settings and try and access the "Screen Saver" settings. But that is the only error I receive upon a fresh install. I will do a fresh install of the Kubuntu daily build within the next three days and integrate the possible fix you sent to me and post my results. Once again, thank you!
  14. I am certainly no expert and I have learned a lot from this forum, especially in regards to my post about a continually failed boot, but could there have been a kernel update? Of the 17 times I did a fresh install and failed all 17 times, it was the kernel update that was the problem, especially in regards to corresponding with the Graphics Driver. See my post: Kubuntu boots to black screen no cursor after kernel updates. I believe on my NVidia computer I did get the exact same problem that you did on one occasion. It is because I was not able to update the Graphics Driver to correspond with the new kernel. From what I have learned from the outstanding support I have received from the brilliant individuals here on this Forum, every time there is a kernel update you have to update the corresponding Graphics Driver so it can work with the new kernel BEFORE rebooting.
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