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  1. I bought my computer with Vista installed on it. Immediately I turned off all visual features and adjusted for 'Best Performance' which I even do with windows Xp, it's just a personal preference, I like the simple look more. After everything was adjusted, all the dumb startup stuff disabled etc etc. I was ready to continue on with my computer rotational life. WHAT A HEADACHE!!!!!!! I hate windows vista. I tried to install a Microsoft made game called 'Freelancer' and it would NOT let me connect to ANY servers. I could see the lists... my fiances lan... I was upset! So we tried directly connecting me to the modem, to no avail, it STILL wouldn't let me connect. I disabled, allowed, even ran windows without my anti virus starting up (I note and agree that Norton hasn't always been the greatest but it's never caused me a headache, only relived them). After much reading I found that the problem was most likely caused by my anti virus and i should 'uninstall it'. So after much stressful consideration and reading, I FINALLY found a thread on a forum, some had FOUND the reason why the anti virus was conflicting. Even though Norton disables windows firewall and such, Vista has some pretty complicated and not so complicated things that still conflict with it, built in protections and so forth. The thread I found pointed out the IPv6 vs IPv4 and that even if you manage to disable the IPv settings corretly that it still conflicts with Virus software, why? Ports and information transfer going through one protocol and then another just making the programs 'confused' for lack of a better word. *sigh* So I uninstalled my Norton (that came as a free trial 90 days WITH my new computer WITH Windows Vista). BADDA BOOM! My game worked... no virus protection, but I no longer had any networking issues! Hah! Seems I read, for this particular game, all Microsoft had to do was patch the IPv4 and IPv6 issues with the game and it would have worked (just like MANY other games have done, even a previous patch for Diablo made it possible for me to play on network and for the game to even run on my computer). I am a gamer, and where Vista is concerned I am VERY disappointed, some games don't even run in 'Compatability Mode' it just crashes over and over. Amazing, they go from Xp (which had it's issues but they fixed fairly promptly) to Vista and look at the issues they are making for people. Obviously what they don't understand is that now days not everyone is computer savvy enough to even google the issue they are having, yet many people use computers, older people, younger people alike. When these kinds of problems come up most people just think "This crappy Vista, I should just install windows Xp" So sad that most of what I have read is, instead of just finding out how to fix the seemingly unfixable errors in Vista many people are opting to install XP back on their machines, or dual boot (for the more understanding users). Vista is becoming a big FLOP in my opinion, they need to get more fixes on it fast... but alas it has already lost so much of it's credibility... people will be very stand offish so trust the word of Microsoft saying "Ow we fixed that, it's all better now." What I'd like to know is why they keep blaming everything BUT Vista? I don't think I should have to go out and buy a new router, get new anti virus, graphics cards (because of the DirectX 10), just to have a prettier (supposedly more secure) OS. Anyone who has said Vista is just a prettier XP needs to take it back and just say Vista is the hell spawn Microsoft made to annoy people. Lets all just stick with XP, or hell, get Macs... even that seems better than dealing with these horrendous issues.
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