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  1. I do not make software. I make devices and like many device makers, we have networking capability. My embedded linnux products - perfect. My windows products- not working with Vista. You missed the point. Windows is the interface of choice for networked based products that require software to set them up. They are not drivers, they are set up tools and management tools they die using Vista. Reaching the devices also dies because the end user suddenly can not open the management software. Stop defending the OS vendor. Remember, Windos OS is the standard for integrateing the world and then it undoes everything us manufactures have signed up for with windows. Its not kids and personal PC's funding Microsoft its businesses and their applications - remember that please. Again, Vista is a mess as I stated and it deserves to go by by, not Buy Buy.
  2. Vista - Its a nightmare. It came with my laptop and nothing is intuitive and I'm fairly savvy in using pc's. Try and find the control section soyou can change the IP to a static one - Nowhere. Many other issues like that all over Vista. Try figuring out how wireless and or Lan work or how to switch each on or off - good luck Its business I'm in, not time wasting. I sell products that are windows compatible, programmed, client-server managed and none of them are usable or reachable via Vista. Are they nuts? Dont they realize that today's world of products and services are usually set up and managed by a software disk and compatability is a serious issue. I undid Vista happily and everything that I needed to work does again using XP. Microsoft - You really dont know your user base at all. Thats why IT folks love Linnux and not microsoft or haven't you heard that yet? Welcome linus, open office, Net 2 and good by microsoft, or dont you get that. Oh, I see, Vista is much prettier with features I dont need but look great. Come on now. Admit its a mess like ME and kill it off before it kills you off and it will. ucanpreventbadhires pullhair: www.ucanpreventbadhires.com
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