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  1. http://patosullivan.com/images/laptop_screenshot_6_18_07.png
  2. Any ideas as to why soccer is so...forgotten here in the US? And why is almost the rest of the whole world obsessed with it?
  3. Reggie, we weren't just dropped in by a spaceship on this planet 250 years ago, all people have been around about the same time.
  4. That argument just doesn't make sense to me (the "terrorists have won" argument). Yes, they do want to instill fear, but that's not all they want. They want us to convert to their radical islam, or die. They want to destroy our economy. I can't see how they accomplished those two things (which are their ultimate goals) by having their attacks thwarted.
  5. are you suggesting that this guy was just protesting the war? if not, then what are you suggesting? I don't see the relation to this story.
  6. really sorry about that keith, I hadn't seen your post yet. I didn't mean to make it sound like I was lumping all Brits together, just the ones who's posts I had read earlier in the thread. I apologise. edit: I was sort of using it in the same sense that many people say "You Yanks", but it was only directed at a few Brits in this case.
  7. Oh, I see, you're right. So the next time a man walks into an airport or on an airplane, claims to have a bomb, and appears to be crazy enough to use it, we should just let him be. Otherwise we're just a bunch of loons living in a climate of terror. Right guys? You Brits have got it all figured out this time.
  8. It's the system at work, and that's a good thing. I'll tell you right now, I would have shot him. (btw, brits, this isn't the same as your tube story. that was only days after your cops had been given authority to shoot, ours have had it for probably about 4 years now, and this is the first incident.)
  9. LOL, so some of us were operating under the assumption that the original post was real?
  10. this could be a good replacement for the old member map, which seems to have disappeared
  11. that's from reno 911, I'm pretty sure.
  12. oranges: blue is DUMB, I mean, it is really just stupid. purples: well at least they're not as bad as those dang yellows. blues: screw you orange. yellows: what the heck did we do? dang purples.
  13. wow. this is a really, really dumb thread. how many nations have been bashed so far? I bet ya this thread won't stay open for long.
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