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  1. I found and this online>>> Watch "Convert VHS To A Mp4 Using OBS Studio | How To Digitize Your VHS Part 2" on YouTube https://youtu.be/Jtrx9gdkAs0
  2. For Roxio is this: https://www.roxio.com/en/products/easy-vhs-to-dvd/standard/ ...? So the program for Windows: https://kdenlive.org/en/download/ should work with my VHS 2 DVD USB 2.0 adapter?
  3. honestech VHS to DVD 4.0 trial works but company closed any idea how activate it in one month>>> ???? The hardware of honestech VHS to DVD 3.0/4.0, maybe able to work with VLC??? contact their forums?
  4. honestech VHS to DVD 4.0 trial works but company closed any idea how activate it in one month>>> 64-bit
  5. Also this - https://honestech-vhs-to-dvd-deluxe.software.informer.com/4.0/ is compatible??
  6. Is this for Windows 10 https://qpdownload.com/honestech-vhs-to-dvd/ 4.0compatible with mine 3.0...? I think software is OK but Not sure --- I send them email -- but email is Not delivered/worked... honestech VHS to DVD 3.0 SE from ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293488672403?ul_noapp=true
  7. https://youtu.be/I-NsS9RNBZs I think this guy installed in the windows 10 Where find for windows 10 software and drivers? If this i installed is for xp and vista and win 7, the symptoms is that i am having now, because i am using windows 10?
  8. Trying adapter vhs to dvd --- honestech VHS to DVD 3.0 SE -- may have old software - only splash screenhonestech VHS to DVD 3.0 SE from ebayUSB 2.0 Video Capture Edit S-VHS & RCA Video DVD to PC Composite VCR Windows 10 5060478370079 | eBayafter Installed software, when run it, only Splash-screen appearsMay installed for the old Windows version of software,... Rather than, that I have the windows 10????I have old PC but upgraded to Windows 10
  9. Windows 10 Pro - but OS suffers can't update OS neither install nor update Applications, I want to reset it... Well the Windows 10 is installed in C:/ SSD, but I have also as RAID 1 - two 2TB HDDs AS F:/ IF RESET WINDOWS 10[SSD - keep my files], RAID 1[HDDs] will have to rebuild or will stay intact?
  10. About Dual boot if having installed Windows 10 Pro - but OS suffers cannot update OS neither install nor update Applications If I wanted dual boot it 1 If insert a second SSD, and install Windows 10 Pro --- this process will create a Boot loader - and at boot choose the OS to boot? 2 If remove initially the old SSD - install Windows 10 Pro to the second SSD, and reinsert the old SSD in its place[both SSDs in the system], I will Have Not a boot loader but have to choose the OS to boot [if differ from last time] from UEFI boot order??? These statements a
  11. If Not remove the old disk - and install the second OS to new disk The two Disks will linked - like Linux Dual boot, and I will have choice choose OS - Not from UEFI, but like GRAB/Linux choice ???? My Two HDD / in RAID 1 mode will Not affected correct???
  12. My Motherboard ASUS PRIME Z370-A / Motherboard / ATX / LGA1151 Socket / Z370 supports two NVMe/PCIe SSD m.2 I currently have OS Win 10 Pro installed in one... but OS has updates/install-software problems - can Not do neither of the two. I plan install a second NVMe card, and install OS Windows 10 Pro as dual boot system Eventually - 1 year - i will remove first NVMe What advice can you give... If dual boot Windows 10 Pro, these two NVMe's will get linked? Exist preferably other way - Not linked - but
  13. solved was under OS Security OS Security Provides these options: Data Execution Prevention—Enables or disables Data Execution Prevention mode in the processors. This mode prohibits code from running in pages that were set up as data pages, and prevents attacks such as buffer overflows. Operating system support is required for this feature. Intel Virtualization Technology (VTx)—Enables or disables Intel Virtualization Technology to increase workstation performance.
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