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  1. I tried UPGRADE win 7 pro to win 10 pro story here >>> // but failed due to errors in SSD disk or due reserved partition has assigned letter but must't have letter... what you think? https://www.tenforums.com/general-support/150782-repair-even-not-yet-set-up-yet-first-time-dvd.html#post1844837 according to attachment below - C:/ was the system drive... why the >>> why this shown F:/ 220GB rather c:/ ... in diskpart? what to do? chkdsk /f F: or...? I THINK RESERVED PARTITIONS DO NOT HAVE LETTER, I AM CORRECT? remove letter in reserved partition in diskpart assign letter of F: as c:/ in diskpart and try repair / upgrade continued?????? https://www.diskpart.com/diskpart/assign-drive-letter-4125.html CAN TRY THIS??
  2. ok thank you I will use the other options to connect it as No power supply came with the hdd
  3. I have a HDD for Backups 500GB interfaces in HDD USB 3, FIREWIRE, eSATA, power cable slot on run on USB and FIREWIRE Not needed power cord on run on eSata needed ? I connected eSATA[to a PC desktop with eSATA] but seems HDD Not gets power... needed connect a power cord... ? HDD does have slot for power, but Not having power adapter....
  4. Also system is windows 7 Pro if decide install windows 10 Pro [after migrate to SSD] can or is any way keep win 7 pro programs after install windows 10 pro to working under windows 10... In other words upgrade to win 10 but all data and programs NOT touched and kept working... can i now ? is it free or paid this?
  5. ok PC has also a 1TB E:/ HDD for Data if in c:/ 150GB exist data i will back up them... BTW needed backup and E:/ the separate data HDD but Not bootable disk ... ???
  6. cloning can result in data lost ... ? if power Not lost ... Since data is max of 150GB C:/ (HDD 150GB C:/ capacity) i think in 20-30min will cloned....
  7. This PC has HDD 150GB and plan to clone this in a SSD 240GB... Is this OK ? Connect SATA internally the SSD [SSD has two partitions - was in a PC and removed] Boot from Acronis CDROM Cloning/backup Media DVD and clone the HDD to SSD... The data in SSD will get deleted Automatically.... and become one partition. Choose shut down PC upon Finished... cloning. Then when finish disconnect HDD and leave only SSD... In this case The SATA cable of HDD must connect it to SSD... to avoid boot problems ... correct???? is this scenario steps all OK... ????
  8. I have a [for Mac 10.7 Lion] ext HDD that has usb esata firewire interface slots... this before 6-mos I was using it for Time Machine backups.... Now I do Not wanted delete this partition and wanted use it for Windows PC backup [i have sold this old mac] - the free/empty space on this.... Is any way use the empty space as NTFS or FAT32 or exFAT partition.... ? Also The File system on disk must be Mac because only used for Time Machine backups ...
  9. I have an old PC intel core 2 quad that having 4 DIMMs and has 3 chips of 1GB RAM total 3 x 1GB = 3GB one of them is the green squared in the attached photo... Kingston Is the red squared RAM Samsung chip 1GB compatible with this PC so ADD IT TO THIS AND INCREASE RAM TO 4GB... ? SEE ATTACHMENT
  10. The 9th Generation Intel processors [etc processors of 2019] like i5-9xxx [i5-9400], i7-9xxx, i9-9xxx HAVE NO VULNERABILITIES unlike there predecessors vulnerabilities.... like Meltdown & Spectre ... is this TRUE ?
  11. yes usb stick is exFAT and usb 3.0 AND also slot in PC was light blue usb 3 also because I had removed HDD in favor of a SSD I inserted that time HDD in PC... and now is in as SATA 3 connected but Was very slow In other words all you say were true but speed was slow ARE YOU SURE BOOT-ABLE DISKS OF WINDOWS 10 IN ANOTHER SYSTEM WIN 10 - HAVE THIS DELAY IN COPY FILES? IS TRUE THIS? I CAN AS WELL RENAME SOME WINDOWS FOLDERS SINCE I DO NOT CARE TO REMOVE BOOTABLE ABILITY.... Because I have SSD now in the old PC....
  12. yes usb stick is exFAT and usb 3.0 but the fact that is windows 10 boot-able this HDD makes folders hard slow accessible and the copy of files very slow from it ... is correct? exist cure by disable boot-able from this second HDD disk for ever... for coping faster data from it ??? blue usb slots are usb 3.0??? what about light blue usb slots are the same as black usb slots usb 2.0...?
  13. I changed from HDD to SSD after loaded HDD (boot-able - windows 10 disk) in another PC - also Windows 10 Tried COPY VIRTUAL MACHINE VDI VMDK huge files because I did Not backup these in old PC due were VMs Now in my try to COPY to external USB Stick copy goes to 52% after delays too much, for one vmdk file - I think this is due to Windows 10 HDD / bootable How COPY these files about 140GB vdi, vdmk etc more faster ... ? I do Not care if remove the bootable ability or remove Windows 10 files... since Now having SSD in old PC...well?
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