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  1. I'm sorry guys, for not replying earlier but I got busy yesterday and couldn't sit to try again until now. Anyway, it worked! I first tried ending the processes and deleting the folders, both on safe mode and normal, but still another item showed up saying that it was being used and couldn't be deleted. Then I tried the setup file I have and when it asked for a registration key I used the one in the information tab of the program. It didn't recognize it. But finally I went back to the Grisoft site and downloaded the trial version that surely woudn't ask for a key. It didn't, but also never asked if I wanted to uninstall AVG and just installed it... But when I was close to , after the reboot, it initialized and finally asked if I wanted to uninstall it. Thank god, after that neither the trial version or the one I had before showed up, although the old folder is still there. Thank you so much to everyone that helped me here, you guys are great!! :worship:
  2. I had seen that FAQ before and tried to do that (but not the ending processes and deleting part) both dowloading the file and with the one in the program folder. The problem is that before it can ask if I want to uninstall anything it asks for a registration key I don't have. So I had given up by that method. Well anyway, I'll try again and get back to you tomorrow. Should I do that also on safe mode, following the same steps from before? Thanks!
  3. Alright, I got into safe mode (thanks Law!), changed those settings and got to the AVG folder. But when I tried to delete it, after a warning saying that it may not be safe to do so, another warning came up saying that avg7log.log was being used (and I had already exited AVG) and couldn't be deleted stopping the whole thing.
  4. I'm having a problem with the Safe Mode ><; In the menu that shows up it says: Please select boot device -WDC WD400 BB-00JHC0 -LIFE-ON CD-RW SOHR-5239v -1st FLOPPY DRIVE Which one is the Safe Mode one? Sorry..
  5. Adam, It got better after running Optimize and Ad Aware but it's still way too slow. I don't know how active AVG really is, it`s icon is greyed out most of the time but it does scans once in a while. Hopefuly Juliet`s advice will work, thanks!
  6. First I`d like to warn you all that I`m just a beginner here, please be patient. I have a computer (with Win XP Starter Edition) that came with AVG installed but recently it was with an error and wasn't updating anymore, I tried to do it manually through the Grisoft site and even to download the 7.5 version. Nothing worked so I went and got Avast and it managed to detect 2 viruses. But the pc became super slow and I read somewhere that it wasn't good to have two antiviruses running simultaneously. The problem is that now I can't uninstall AVG: It doesn't show in that remove and install Control Panel tool; in the program folder there isn't any recognizable uninstalling file; and the uninstalling way I found everywhere, telling you to download the the last installation file run it and chose the uninstalling option, doesn`t work either because it asks for a key I don`t have before it starts. So, any help here? I'm lost...
  7. Hey, I'm having a bit of a problem with the instructions too, I use win XP and IE 7. I managed to get to that content.ie5 place and deleted the files there that weren't transparent-like and allowed deletion. The pc got better somehow but still there are the error mesages sometimes when opening a page (just posting this reply was dificuuuult!). I went to see the instructions on the microsoft documents in case the problem was with the index.dat and don't know what to do, cause I don't have another account to log into the pc with and am afraid deleting it anyway and bungling it all up...Please help me???
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