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  1. lol i said the same thing when i got it off demonoid but its saved my butt many times if ur affraid of that find a reputable site that has hirens boot disc but it has tons of crap programs on it i have bolth hirens and that one and sine i have gotten that one i pretty much threw the hirens disc away use it or dont but if ur not able to get into regedit or taskmngr then abut your only bet is going to be repairing windowe with your windows disk and i have found from experince when u run windows repair from the disc u usually loose half of ur programs and usually u have to spend an hour dealing with some guy from india trying to get yr cd key to work again good luck
  2. no im talking about that boot disc i posted a link to u would need ur windows disc to run a repair on your windows instlation to try and fix your problem but i reccomend trying using that disc i posted a link to just burn the iso to a disc and insert it into comp once it loads it will replace the start button with a orange button (u can still ascess ur start button it just under the orange button)click on the orange button and then find the run option there it should work if not restart computer with the disc in and choose to boot from cd it will load a live liniux that is compatible with windows look in the start menu and u will find reg edit u can do anything u need from there without worring about admin rights being blocked
  3. when running it auto start is will replace the start menu with its own then it has options for run comand prompt and tons of great stuff it also has a regedit program built in and if u use it to boot from (kinda like a live liniux disc )u can bypass all the problems ur haveing with the os and edit ther reg from there
  4. if thoes dont work i have used this to enter into the cmd promt in windows (whan not able to use the one in start menu)its a bootable disc for all windos up to xp and has many good programs included like evrest,adia32,several portable antivirus and anti spyware programs and many more it can also be run while in windows (just insert disc and it will auto run )and should allow u to enter into the command prompt its called a german police special windows boot disc but i assure u it is a freware disc created by someoe kind of like hirens boot disc 7) Do not ask for, offer to supply, or post links to, copies of commercial software, MP3s, movies, CD Keys, Product Keys, Serial Numbers, etc. or other intellectual property for which you do not hold the copyright. Do not post full copies of copyrighted articles from elsewhere on the Internet, post a link to the article instead. You may discuss how to install and get any Peer to Peer Network program to work. This includes Kazaa, Bearshare, WinMX, and Limewire, just to name a few. However, any discussions on how to circumvent copy protection, obtaining any kind of illegal software, MP3's, movies, etc., will be removed without notice. if u click on the screenshot links it lists all programs containd its a little weirs to navigate due to the fact that when u use it as a boot disc most of the start menu is in german(but its pretty easy to dertime what the german words are almost the same as english lol) but all the actual programs are in english and when u auto run while in windows its all in englishlol hope this helps its saved my butt many times repairing comps
  5. my folppy drive came from old comps people gave me most are out of win 98 or older comps lol i thimk only like 2 of em i actualy ever took the timem to even make shure the cable was installed right the rest are there just cause i had em lying around taking up space so i just shoved em in comps lol i agree what are u ever going to use 1.4 mb storage 4 anymore other than flashing a bios lol at least they have totaly phased out the old big floppy discs lol oh i miss my apple 2 c and orgeon trail not lol
  6. switch the flopy cable around at the drive many a time have i installed the cable upside down on the dang flopy drives since most of the time its not keyed at the drive
  7. cool thanks i just ended up reinstalling windows i was running media center and decided to go back to xp pro (dang diamond wont return my email about the decoder for my tuner card so it will work with media center, there is a card that came in the box with a code it says email them info and they would send file sent 3 emails been 4 weeks still no reply ). since then its back to being the same as my other comps no blocks coming in and the incoming ip are down to where i can actually read them as they come in
  8. ok so i dl peerguardian 2 and decided to let it run imgetting a blocked ip almost every 10 sec and its listing like 800 coming in every min is it normal to be getting so many incoming ip hits or is this the cause of virus/spyware and if so what should be the avrage ip hits im getting i have peerguardian to block anti p2p/ad's/schools/ and govenmernt most of the blocked sites are from overseas govenrment stuff and add sites also getting several things like time warner (im running comcast )and [email protected] and media defender are these things to be concernd about and can these i.p that are hitting my comp be reading whats on my computer and altering it im glad i installed peerguardian otherwise all my files might be at risk still only one computer in my house is getting so many hits all the other 4 are only receving like 20 hits a min and so far none have been blocked thanks all
  9. sounds like your monitor is going out or has gone out do u have a flat screen lcd or old crt monitor if u r using a crt monitor then check that all your cables are connecged good and then try taping on the side of the monitor see if that works on the comp im using now it does the same thing (i bought a cheap 21 inch crt monotor used for 8 $)and i have to wack the side of the screen to get it back on edit opps didnt see that u had a laptop guess my info dosent help lol
  10. ouch tried to set timing using program rah sent my way guess i went a little crazy comp locked up and cwhen i restarted it had set default cmos settings lol i tried what elkido said was normal for ocz 4-4-4-12 mine is 5-5-5-15
  11. lol im working on going sli but have tons of bills right now just got an aprtmend had to buy tons of house junk lol but soon ill be in the market for a new sli board and hopfully i can find one thats true pci-e 16x by 2 that has good oc functions that wont totaly kill ny pocket book then i can get rid of these ecs 6100m-m boards i have and really slam my 3600 ive seen some impresive results with the 3600 brisbane most forums ive searched show it going to at least 2.9 stable seen a couple at 3.2 again thanks guys for the input and as far as evrest mine must be older because it dosent register what brand or type of ram i have cpu-z does give me a part # ocz2vu8001g here it is http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/product...p;c=us&l=en
  12. lol yea i took the 2 1 gig ddr2 667 buffalo i had out of my gaming comp and put it in my media center pc and installed the 2 1 gig ddr2 800 ocz ram into my gaming comp im trying to squeese a litte more out of my cpu and was told going to the ocz ddr2 800 would help me im hitting a wall with my mobo at 2.4ghz with my amdathlon64 x2 3600 brisbane (1.9stock)im getting no heat problems but i cant manualy change my ram settings with the mobo it does it auto thats also y i set my cpu fsb back to 200 on bolth comps to run these ram tests could the cpu affect my ram speed tests im running a amd athlon64 3500+ (2.2ghz)in my media center pc if so ill swap the ram back into my gaming comp to run a test on it elkiddo i threw away the package but it has gold heat sinks on it and said high performance series on the package
  13. well evrest was on my german police boot disc im getting 4589 mb/s read 2280 mbs write on the ocs ram timing according to cpu -z for 0cz ram freq=381.8 fsb:dram=cpu/5 cas# latency (tcl)=5.0 clocks ras# to cas# delay=5 clocks ras# precharge (trp)= 5 clocks cycle time (tras)=15 clocks bank cycle time (trc)=23 clocks command rate (cr)=2t im getting 4672 read 2491 write on the buffalo timing according to cpu-z for buffale ram freq=315.8 fsb:dram=cpu/7 cas# latency (tcl)=5.0 clocks ras# to cas# delay=5 clocks ras# precharge (trp)= 5 clocks cycle time (tras)=15 clocks bank cycle time (trc)=21 clocks command rate (cr)=2t from that info can anyone tell me if its a setup problem or just that i should have gotten another 2 gigs of the buffalo ram instead of the ocz damn geeks at micro center said that the ddr2 800 ocz would help my get a higher oc on my cpu for these tests i have droped my fsb on bolth comps back to stock 200
  14. lol yea it may be my board i rember seeing somewhere somthing about not supporting higher voltage ram so mabey im not getting enough juice i think i have evrest on my hirens boot disc ill run that and see what i ge t or my german police windows boot disc thanks for the replys all
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