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  1. thanks i sure hope i done this correct http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=VG7KHWM3NXVSEETV
  2. Hi all, I just switched ISP for 3 times the speed for half the price, sounds like a great deal. But now i can not do any internet gaming. Servers wher i used to have 20-30 ping i now have 300-400 ping. I think ive worn out my welcome on the ISP help line. They are telling me there is nothing wrong with my connection as far as they can tell, unless i can come up with something that they need to do. Well thats where im at a loss, all i know is i had a 512 DSL connection that ran great and pinged low now i have a 1500 DSL connection that pings horrible. The real kicker is the old ISP buy's the broadband from my new ISP and resells it, so i cannot see why i would have all these problems. Any help would be much apreciated and thanks in advance.
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