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    How does it work? And is there any chance that it can f up the data you are copying? If you are using it on a network drive does it still only have to be installed on your client machine? Does it make putting data on AND taking data from a network drive faster?
  2. In the one I'm working on it is dhcp server by default and only gives you an option to turn on or off dhcp client, if you turn on dhcp client I assume it turns off the server. This might be different in yours due to firmware revisions. I think I know what the problem is now anyway, apparently some cable modems only give the wan signal to the first mac address it connected to so it needs a certain type of reset/reboot in order to serve a new mac.
  3. Where is the DHCP server option? I've seen a checkbox about whether it should be a dhcp client or not but don't remember where the dhcp server options are.
  4. Right click on the desktop and go new>shortcut, then type in the path of the location you want to reach, in this case "\\hostname" or "\\hostname\sharedfoldername" whatever. Then type a suitable name for the shortcut like "My PC's Shares", then that shortcut will be on your desktop or wherever you made it. To print to a printer that is connected to one machine from another machine you have to share that printer, go to start>control panel>printers and faxes, right click the relevant printer and go properties, then to the sharing tab and share the printer in the same way that you s
  5. Hello, I am having problems with the same router. In response to your questions: DHCP: Computers need a valid IP address (like a unique network id number to allow data to be sent and received to and from the right computer) and some other details like default gateway (your router also has at least one IP address and the default gateway is the ip address that your pc and router use to pass information between each other, information such as whatever you are doing on the internet). These addresses and details must correspond correctly between the router and your pc or you don't get a connect
  6. Hi, Have a Zyxel NBG334w wired and wireless cable router that is not giving the pc's internet connection. The service comes in via a cable that goes into a cable box and then an ethernet cable comes out of that and should be plugged into the WAN port on the Zyxel cable router, this has all been done as normal and as detailed in the instructions yet internet is not reaching the pc's. If I plug the ethernet cable that comes out of the cable box straight into a pc it does get internet connection, so the service is definitely working fine. Both the cable box and the router have been rese
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