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  1. New version allows for Windows Defender updates to install automatically. http://wun.codeplex.com Features- Is shown as a icon in the system tray - Inform about updates via a popup - Search for new updates every hour (by default) - Open the windows update dialog by clicking the popup (or via the context menu) - Disabling popup-notification temporarily (updates will be searched but no popup will be shown). Can be useful for disabling notifications during presentations. - If connection to the update-service can not be established, retry every 30 seconds. for 10 times. - Four icons states
  2. Found this on the blog at The Windows Club. Full blog post and instructions at The Windows Club. Super Mode in Windows 8
  3. The Add-on Compatibility Reporter (ACR) has been redesigned and rewritten from the ground up to make it easier to use! Add-on Compatibility Reporter 2.0
  4. Get the classic Start Menu back in Windows 8. http://majorgeeks.com/StartMenu8_d7934.html I'm not sure why but it does not run at startup for me like it's supposed to so I just put the .exe in my startup folder to solve that problem. It is v1.0.0 so maybe future updates will show some improvements but I like it as it is so far. Go to: C:Users{User Name}AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup Copy/Paste this file into the Startup folder: C:Program Files (x86)IObitStartMenu8StartMenu8.exe
  5. If you are using the built-in malware protection with Windows 8, Windows 8 Update Notifier alerts you to new antivirus updates as they are released. By default Microsoft now uses Windows Defender as built-in malware protection.
  6. Among other things Windows Updates address security, performance and compatability issues. They are not all critical but some should be installed as soon as they become available. They are normally released on Patch Tuesday which is the second Tuesday of each month. Some (very few) are released "out-of-band". Those are uncommon though and are reserved for very severe vulnerabilities being released at any time of the month.
  7. Windows 8 does not alert users to new Windows Updates like previous versions of Windows. Some people like Windows to "be quiet" and not alert them to updates for various reasons. For those of us who do rely on notifications to important Windows Updates this is a good free solution. Once I ran this software I was informed that I did indeed have 6 Windows Updates waiting to be downloaded and installed. Be sure to look at the see the documentation page for install instructions and Screenshots.
  8. A new feature beginning with Firefox 17 is the ability to integrate Facebook into the browser allowing users to stay up to date with Facebook activities through a side bar in the Firefox web browser. You must be using Firefox 17 or above. To enable the plug-in visit the Messenger for Firefox web page. Click on the green 'Turn on' button. Agree to Messenger for Firefox at the prompt. If you are not logged into Facebook you will need to do so. You should not only see the side bar but also notice 4 new buttons in the upper right corner of the browser with various function including turning o
  9. Before installing an app it's good to know just how much of your personal information it has access to and what it may do with it. App Advisor from Secure.me lets you search a wide variety of Facebook apps to see just how safe they are. Just visit the App Advisor Homepage, enter the apps name in the search box and then search for it's information page. There you will find information on the apps Permissions, App Behavior and User Ratings including detailed information on how the app has to access your personal data, the apps behavior after connecting and what users think about the app.
  10. Chat Undetected By Crossrider Disable the Facebook Messenger’s read receipt feature. Chat Undetected works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  11. Chrome Privacy Manager for the Google Chrome Web Browser Manage privacy settings, data deletion, quickly access page in incognito mode, manage cookies and monitor network traffic. Full Description and download in the Chrome Web Store
  12. PrivacyFix - Your online privacy, simplified PrivacyFix keeps your Internet browsing private. Privacyfix Homepage
  13. The built in Windows Search, formerly known as Windows Desktop Search (WDS), is a nice feature on Windows computers for easily locating files and folders that you may not know the exact location of. However the built in search can be slow and doesn't always find what you know is there. Third party Windows search tools offer more robust features, are faster, and some even have add-ons. Everything Search Engine Everything Search Engine FAQ Find and Run Robot (FARR) Homepage and features FARR Features You Should Know About FARR Add-ons Wise JetSearch Wise JetSearch Help Center DocFetcher se
  14. Many times a programs built in uninstaller will leave behind unwanted and unneeded files, folders and registry keys. Unlike softwares built in uninstallers third party uninstallers will also scan for leftovers and remove the stuff you do not need once a software program is removed. They can also help you remove programs that have become corrupted and the built in uninstaller will not run. Some advantages of third party uninstallers: Force uninstall corrupted software Safely clean leftover files and folders Safely clean leftover registry entries Find details about unknown software My perso
  15. When taking digital pictures the information stored in the EXIF data can contain a lot of personal information like GPS location, time/date, owner name, camera make and model plus more. If you share pictures on the Internet you may want to remove certain information stored in the images to protect your personally identifiable information. Here are a few free software solutions to view, edit and remove EXIF data. Metability Software FileMind QuickFix Microsoft Pro Photo Tools Microsoft Windows users also have the ability to view, edit and remove EXIF data without using any addition
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