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  1. is there anyway to skip the boot screen so as to speed up boot time?
  2. ok i got rid of that securtiy software and got a new one but i still have the same problem. i was wondering if i need to get more ram right now each pentium4 3gig proccessor only has 512 of ram. also my bus speed is 800 mghz
  3. if i remove it wont my security software quit working?
  4. it came with the security software from my isp
  5. i don't understand what you asking me could you please elaborate
  6. when ever i try to run more that about 2-3 programs my CPU's usage goes to the roof. i thought that i might not have enough ram so i doubled it but that didn't seem to help. i rum TCP optimizer, pcpitstop optimizer, spybot search and destroy, ad-aware and registry mechanic. i even tried the driver scan but the driver that they tell me to install for my Intel chip set is older than the one i currently have installed according to Intel's web page. also when the CPU's loads are high the page file size only slightly goes up. thanks for the help rivman
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