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  1. This is the only micro ATX mobo with crossfire there is. It just came out a few days ago.
  2. http://www.motherboardpro.com/DFI-LanParty...oard-p-681.html This baby should be arriving in 2 or 3 days along with a new power supply. I can finally use these two 3870s together, woot!
  3. Happens here too. Wireless is just not very reliable to game on.
  4. Here's my score: http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=6687346
  5. I may have to buy a single slot cooler to replace the dual slot one on my Sapphire card.
  6. It has 2, that's why this board is supposed to be such a hot item. Only Micro ATX mobo with 2 PCIE ports.
  7. I believe 2 dual slot HD 3870s would block both of the other slots on the motherboard.
  8. The only sad part is that I'll have to ditch my X-fi and use onboard as 2x HD 3870s and the sound card won't fit.
  9. The only problem is it needs to support the Micro ATX case format and crossfire. I found this motherboard that does both and looks to be exactly what I need: DFI LP Jr P45 T3RS DDR3 CrossFire Micro ATX Motherboard Does this look good? I'd to order it as soon as possible.
  10. Try reading that again. Sapphire also doesn't happen to be the producer of their customer service. They outsource it to another company and have their customer support forums run by regular people who happen to be very grumpy and not helpful. Edit: I'll make that even more clear for you, just in case you're not following. When you buy a product, you're buying a "total" or complete product which includes features and benefits that go beyond the physical object you bought.
  11. Not Sapphire. If you enjoy returning it for a huge fee for a very limited time, then buy a Sapphire. However, if you're one of those people who enjoy good customer service, then you'll buy from Visiontek or another company.
  12. Water cooling for the Xbox = an expensive bad idea. New heatsink? Sure, why not.
  13. I think it's an expensive bad idea. It's not like you can overclock the thing so the additional cooling will not be beneficial. The risks far outweigh the benefits. If you're bored and want to water cool something, water cool yourself by running around in a sprinkler; it's fun and it'll keep you cool!
  14. How far away is your router from your Wii? Sometimes it's a range issue, other times it's a "I bought a crappy router that has terrible reception" issue. I find that D-Link routers are the best and most reliable. I've used Netgear (3 of them) and Linksys, and they are nothing compared to this D-Link.
  15. I don't see what's so good about this system. For 2500$, I'd think you could do much more.
  16. When my CPU is that cool at idle, my hard drives are usually around 26-28 C. I have the same cooler as you as well. Perhaps your temperatures are being under reported.
  17. I'm going to use mine to blast people like a real spaceman!
  18. If you stress the CPU and the heatsink isn't warm, then there's a huge problem. Try that.
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