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  1. No. That wouldn't work. Read the thread. In case you don't want to read all those other posts, I'll condense them for you.
  2. Read the thread. Really. Edit: For clarity, I've bolded the discrepancies in your statements. Thread title: ati his 4870 overheating... Now, let me explain to you... You have a Sapphire card. The man who posted this thread has a HIS card. Do you understand now, or does it need further elaboration? Like honestly, I do believe that now people are just purposefully saying the wrong things to get me agitated.
  3. You're still not understanding; not even in the slightest. Just stop posting and start reading.
  4. On this particular revision of this particular card, no, it is not possible. If you had read any of my posts about it and understood them, you would know this.
  5. Are you being sarcastic now? Or do you just really not understand how the fan on that particular card works?
  6. Newegg is pretty good with recent purchases, so you should be ok.
  7. Would newegg void the transaction if they discover that you tampered with the warranty?
  8. Looks like you're okay now, thanks to me. It seems that the manufacturer fixed the problem: Just RMA it to the manufacturer and they'll hook you up with a working replacement. You're welcome
  9. Let me ask you a question. If you put a single luminosity light bulb in a multi-luminosity lamp, will you be able to have the multiple settings with that single luminosity bulb? If you understand that, then you will understand that hooking up the fan which is only capable of one speed will yield only 2 options while hooked up to the motherboard (on or off).
  10. Are you dense or something? Let me make sure you understand it this time. THE FAN ONLY HAS 2 SETTINGS: OFF OR ON. THERE IS NO WAY TO MAKE IT GO ANY FASTER AS IT IS ALREADY RUNNING AT 100% AT ALL TIMES. I SUGGESTED THAT THE ONLY POSSIBLE WAY TO MAKE IT GO FASTER WOULD BE TO PHYSICALLY VOLT MOD IT AND GIVE IT MORE JUICE; HOWEVER, THIS CAN BE DANGEROUS AS IT MAY BURN OUT THE MOTOR ON THE FAN. Perhaps you won't just skim my posts now that I've put the important part in all bolded caps.
  11. It looks like none of you actually read the thread and are just making things worse with your ignorance. The fan that is on that card is not variable speed. The only way to control the speed of that fan would be to actually control the voltage going through it manually and that could be dangerous if it is overvolted. So unless you have a suggestion that mentions something other than the speed of the fan, don't bother saying it because we have clearly established that the fan on that card is not variable speed.
  12. Yeah, you'd be lucky to get 150$ for that old junk-bucket.
  13. I've tried those settings with 2.15 to the VDIMM with the 5-5-5-18 and it wouldn't boot.
  14. Click on this thumbnail to see the screenshot from SANDRA:
  15. Here is the CPU-Z readout of my memory page: This is the memory in question: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820146755 For some reason, whenever I try to clock the memory to 1000 MHz, errors and bluescreens pop up. I've got the voltage set to 2.050 right now.
  16. I don't know about the pit's memory test being unreliable, but I'll give sandra a try. I uninstalled the drivers through the Programs and Features section in the control panel. Since I was replacing ATI with ATI, I figured I wouldn't have to do an extremely thorough driver purge.
  17. From what I've been researching, my memory score on the pit test should be within the 12,500 to 16,000 range. This is very odd.
  18. According to the reviews on newegg, the fan on that model isn't variable speed. It appears that it is either at 100% or off. Have you ensured that the fan is actually spinning by inspecting it visually?
  19. http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=22340372 Hmm, my memory score is really low. Perhaps this is the reason behind the less than stellar performance.
  20. Dang, that GTX 295 doesn't score well here at the pit
  21. I'm using the latest from the ATI/AMD website (9.6).
  22. Well, in Call of Duty: World at War, the frames are much better and consistent. However, strangely enough, my frames have dropped quite considerably in Crysis to the point where it even looks choppy. Left 4 Dead appears to be about the same though.
  23. Hey brandon, remember that time you told me that a single 4890 would beat two 3870s in crossfire?... Single 4890 Two 3870s What gives?
  24. From the reviews I've been reading, it seems that the 4890 has difficulty in getting over 1 GHz core unless it has been modified. I'm surprised that this card I ordered has such a high overclock out of the box (950 MHz). Must be due in part to the beastly Zerotherm heatsink.
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