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  1. Have you ever been in a coma for any period of time?
  2. No one wants to be responsible for murder so no one wants to help her die easier... Starving her to death may seem cruel, but I don't see any of you wanting to kill her an easier way.. Would she even feel anything?
  3. Well.. Adam Sessler isn't that bald... So.. don't make fun of his hair He use to be cool on the show, but now he acts crazy..
  4. Good job team! Despite the power failure, we still maintained 1,500 points this week!
  5. Updated results. Sad sad day for this team...
  6. I'm looking for a job, but there is nothing that I could do with my schedule yet.. [email protected] is a 24/7 job anyway
  7. Tragedy strikes team AdamMAXIS today as power failure in this town knocked out at least 7 WUs.
  8. So Join the AdamMAXIS folding team and maybe we can find that cure!Folding Wants You!
  9. I have to agree with Intratech. If she has no real chance to recover, then perhaps it isn't right to make her suffer more..
  10. We'll beat them soon enough.. or lose them..we'll do somethin
  11. It's alright Intratech, I just updated my Promise drivers a few hours ago. I don't even use the Intel ATA controller on my board, but a lot of my friends do, so it would be great if they got some sort of peformance boost.
  12. It looks like someone wants to be the captain of the team..
  13. Ha ha ha, beat ya to it! I thought that didn't look right.. One word in this very sentence is mispelled. :beer:
  14. Oh man, I thought I broke the pit with my new member title, but it wasn't me.. it was someone else
  15. 8:36 isn't that bad per frame.. just leave it. It'll finish soon enough -General Adam
  16. That hard drive is insane! What kind is it?
  17. All in the AdamMAXIS Team Thread! Join my team, and have parties like this alllll the time
  18. The AdamMAXIS team can do that if Hammer put another name in the box... <<<<<<<<<
  19. Now that I am looking at everyone's banners, I don't see "pcpitstop" team anywhere... it looks like people wanna break off from the pit team Just kidding
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