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  1. I dismantled the hardware SSD RAID-0 array and created a software RAID-0 array in hopes of preserving TRIM. Here are the results with the benchmarks: ATTO Crystal Diskmark SSDlife
  2. How many drives are you using, Bruce?
  3. Here's the CrystalDisk Mark screen shots: 2xSSD 3x WD 500GB
  4. I recently purchased 2 of these Mushkin Enhanced Callisto Deluxe MKNSSDCL60GB and put them in RAID-0. Do you think they are on par for performance? Here are the tests I did: These drives are all running on the mobo's controller with 3x500 GB WDs in RAID-0 as well. So far I've put my games on the SSDs and that's it. Here's the pit test: http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=23995178
  5. Haha! Yeah, right now I've got one hard drive cage installed with 3 drives in it and I put the fourth drive in the top 5.5 inch drive in the floppy disk holder. I'm guessing that I could install the second hard drive cage if I took out the 120 MM fan and fiddled around with the wires. The only problem is that the 4890 is so long that it may prevent the second hard drive cage from fitting.
  6. I actually just got a 5th WD SATA 500 GB drive, but I cannot fit anymore in my system without doing some major surgery. I'm also not sure the onboard raid controller could deliver any more performance as it's already taxed. It's also kind of scary to think of the failure probability with 5 drives in RAID-0.
  7. I've gone through a lot of hard drives lately while trying to find a good balance and here's the benchmark story through benchmark pictures. The 1 and 2 drive pictures are inconsistent as they include drives that were failing or using a converter. However, I can say that all of these drives are 7200 RPM WD Blues with 16 MB of cache. I've also got some ATTO benchmark files that I'll upload later. It's interesting to note how performance changes as more drives are added. HDTune- 1 Drive (PATA drive with SATA converter on it; isn't currently in 4 drive array). 3 Drives 4 Drives HDTach- 1 Drive (this drive was glitchy and eventually ceased to work correctly) 2 Drives (not sure why it's so low. I think cache wasn't enabled for this test) 3 Drives 4 Drives
  8. It sounds like someone is playing a prank on you
  9. Drop AT&T and get a Motorola Droid. It's an amazing phone and you wouldn't regret it as it also has the features you mentioned.
  10. My Vista task manager reports that I have a total of 4093 MB of RAM.
  11. So Everest is reporting that you're missing 10 MB of RAM?
  12. Sapphire probably stopped manufacturing them as they were most likely a limited time item.
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