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  1. Excellent work gagaman! That will be an excellent resource for those interested in folding. I hope it will help with "recruiting". Toast to gagaman!
  2. Weird. With the exception of losing some progress on one WU from a reboot, mines been rocking along pretty smooth. Of course I've only done a few, but maybe it will stay the same for me.
  3. I started folding because I have a cousin with Huntington's Disease - one of the diseases folding research is focusing on. Hers is very advanced and I do not expect her to live much longer. While this research will not be able to help her directly, it will help others (possibly even other family members as it is an inherited genetic disorder) in the future. If any of your friends have friends or family members with conditions that this project is targeting, that could make it quite easy to bring them "into the fold". My thanks go to you and all the others in the folding community for a
  4. I'm folding as Sputum. Number four eighty something on the list right now.
  5. Thanks all. You are correct fly2, folding was not running when I ran that pit test. I guess I should have done one with it running so you guys could look at that. When it is running however, cpu load is only about 48%, but I suppose that's because I am not (yet) running the SMP client. I'm going to use the info gagaman posted and switch to that. Expect more requests for help soon. Thanks again - Scott.
  6. Thanks for the reply - specs can be found in the link in my sig.
  7. I joined the the Folding team, and I do have the software up and running on my computer. It seems like slow going to me though, and I'm sure I can get more speed out of it - but I'm not sure how to do it. I've read some of the info about the different software clients, but I don't really get it. Is there a good "Complete Idiots Guide to Folding" out there anywhere, or would someone here be willing to give me some direction on how to get the most out of my efforts? Thanks in advance - Scott
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