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  1. FINA, while an actual word, in this context, it's slang for fixing to or about to do X. So, you know your credit sucks, but the car salesman says "we're fixin to see".
  2. Best of luck if you do go that route, I don't seem to have a fraction of the problems most ppl mention having on Win10, it's stable and works as expected.
  3. Hola @Clark W and Thanks for your interest in our software and please accept my apologies for the trouble with purchasing via PayPal. I've sent this info onto our Customer Support team, so keep your eyes peeled for an email from us. If you don't see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. Hang tight! Tx
  4. Been back folding since the room where my pc is, isn't occupied atm. I was given a new gpu and have been foldin it on it, but it exclusively the last weekish. I had to save cpu cycles for on-the-fly media transcodes, however, I rebooted my pc and forgot to restart [email protected] Anyhow, glad to be back contributing! Yall have a good'n! Tx
  5. Duane, forgive my bein so late. Happy Birfday bubba!
  6. Hola @TheHadouJHyrule and ! Thanks for your support of our software and for the informative post, I've passed it on to our Product Managers. Tx
  7. I'm on 2004 as well, but recently switched gpu from an RX480. I never had any problems with it on 2004 either and first gen 1700x and B350 chipset. I d o think my ppd has been lower than I anticipated for a GTX1080 FTW, but it's been a lot more than the old Radeon card..
  8. Hola @HeresMuscleand Sorry I missed your post, I'm traveling and have been mostly off the internet for a few days. You have a unique generation of mobo/cpu in that there seems to only be 2 i7 cpu's made in the 5th generation. https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/87718/intel-core-i7-5775r-processor-6m-cache-up-to-3-80-ghz.html That has the higher turbo clocks of the two, so I'd be inclined to say it's the better of them, but I've no experience with either. Hope that helps and that you enjoy your time here. Tx
  9. @Char did you enable the gpu scheduling in Win10 or did you leave things be?
  10. Oof, that stinks and sounds like a fluke thing, I've not had that happen on mine.
  11. Hola @pgalioni and I can't really speak to how much is normal for temp files removed after a browsing session, there are too many variables. That said, I don't use yahoo, but you could try for you uBlock Originand it's companion extension, uBlock Origin Extra that foils a lot of the anti-adblockers, as your only ad-blocking extensions. Those are for Chrome, there is a uBlock extension for FF but no extra extension is needed at the moment. That may or may not allow you to go to your Yahoo stuffs with the adblocker on, but it can't hurt to try. That's the best adblocker,
  12. Hola @Leebone and Thanks for your interest in our software, I'll pass your feedback on to the team. Tx
  13. Hola @Annealand I've not used Zoom, but I moved your topic to where it'll have better visibility. Tx
  14. Hola @URTHllc That's not good at all, when you get a chance, would you please PM me where you encountered this so we can get it rectified? Tx
  15. Happy Birfday good sir and Welcome Home! Tx
  16. Hola again, I looked up your email address you've signed up on the forums with and we've no record of it, if you used a different email address for your PC Matic account, please send that to me in a PM so I can get it to our Customer Support team. Thanks for your support! Tx
  17. That's awful strange behavior. Tbh, I've gotten off the whole smartphone modding/fixing thing, I've become a magoo user.
  18. Hola @URTHllcand Sorry for the frustration you're having with PC Matic and our Support page. What are you seeing when you attempt to open the support page link? It loads as expected for me on both mobile and desktop. Tx
  19. Hola @David Hanson and It appears you have a trouble ticket open with our Help Desk and Stew replied to you there 2 days ago. The Help Desk is where all of our customer support takes place, if you'll please reply to the email, we'll get this sorted. If you're not seeing Stew's reply, please check you junk/spam folder and reply back here IF did not receive it. Thanks and hang tight! Tx
  20. I believe this is limited to Nvidia atm, but don't quote me on that. Tx
  21. Your ram speed will be dictated by the slowest kit installed, but also know, if you start getting abnormal behaviors from the computer(crashes...) it very well could be the ram is incompatible. Tx
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