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  1. Were you able to find anything out in regards to mine IG?
  2. It's the one listed as unknown under the software>processes tab. http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?c...;report=Summary
  3. I'm unable to find teh link you're referring to so I can submit a program to be added to the "known" list. FWIW, this is teh vendor. http://macrium.com/
  4. While I'm not a HJT advisor, there are several programs running it the background that are unnecessary that you could configure to not start at boot or run only when needed. When you run a Overdrive test it will tell you what's needed and what can be disabled. Also defraging and cleaning up temp flies might help also if it hasn't been done in a while. Ccleaner has the ability to disable the ones you don't need running @ startup and clean up temp files. Just my two cents.
  5. Actually an AV app can slow down the internet connection. While I can't say that AVG is an offender, here's just one exaple.
  6. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,2328181,00.asp Bit defender got a decent rating form PC Mag but they said it has it's problems. Read the article so you can make an informed decision.
  7. Well, I've been using the free version to "feel it out" and it's good, but man does it ever slow down my internet connection. I have Fios and I'm used to pages loading instantly. At first I thought I was imagining it and started a thread on Kaspersky's user forum and got a reply quickly but w/ out any help. I later did some digging and found out that it DOES slow down the connection as much as 60% http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2330480,00.asp I hate to say it but that might be a deal breaker for me. I' might give Norton a try as much as I dislike it. It got really good reviews this
  8. For a touch over two fidy, I'd get one of these. If I had the money and puter to support it, I would have to run this.
  9. I REALLY like this app. It made a noticeable difference in the "peppyness" of my puter and no bugs so far.
  10. I can't say for sure that it'll help, but you could try trend micros housecall online scanner. It's free and will clean what ever it finds if possible to do so
  11. Here's the tech specs for it but nothing about the mobo. http://us.acer.com/public/page9.do?sp=page...;crc=3188327983 I believe this will tell you what mobo it has and what it supports.
  12. Hey youngone, you'll be FAR better off going w/ the new Radeon 4850, or if you have the scratch for it, the 4870. Those cards are the best as of right now. Maxximum PC did a write up on them a month or so ago and those things are wicked. Save your geedus for a Radeon and PSU if yours is less than 600 watts. You wont regret it. For giggles, a friend of mine bought a 4850 to 3d mark against his 9600 GT OC and it ALONE brought his score up 2k plus points and the 4850 is the lesser of the two new Radeons.
  13. I use CCleaner every time before I log off my UA but I don't believe it takes care of the same things that disk cleanup does, does it?For examlpe, if I use the Windows live onecare safety scanner, it most normally will find a volume of "temp" or other file types to delete.
  14. I read a while back that there's a tweak you can apply to make D.C. get rid of everything (old,temp and the like), not just the stuff older than 48hrs. I can't find anything about it now for the life of me. My searches only yield a tweak to keep D.C. from compressing old files. If you are familiar w/ this post up prease.
  15. If there's stuff on it you need, there's a place in Austin,Texas called Flash Back Data that's good at getting info off broken drives and if they can't recover it, you pay nothing. http://www.flashbackdata.com/
  16. It's funny that you have that problem w/ listed updates. Overdrive tells me I need one for the network bus enumerator so I dug on the interwebs and found one. I dl'ed and installed it crashed my puter. I agree w/ yall that it'd be nice to know the "why" about the driver recommendation.
  17. That's interesting. Any idea what it is about the 8 series cards?
  18. http://pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=20894379 This makes no sense.
  19. While I have not used it, this is supposed to be a great program and supports a lot of the features you're looking for.
  20. I've been SERIOUSLY considering switching to KIS '09 from TMIS '08 for many reasons but this puts the nail in the coffin. Thanks!
  21. Yeah, I love this program, it's by far the easiest to use and understand. I've used Acronis, Norton and NovaStor and this is by FAR the best one IMHO.
  22. I hate to admit this, but I was stupid enough to purchase a two year subscription at renewal and started having the same problems. The only thing I found that worked was to completely uninstall it. As it stands, I have a year and prolly two months left on that two years. I will never use another webroot product free or not.
  23. I've been using Macrium Reflect for a while now and I like it better than anything else I've used. It has a great GUI, simple to use and loaded w/ features. I personally am using the full version that I got from giveawayoftheday.com for free but the free version, I think will have the features you need. http://www.macrium.com/ReflectFree.asp
  24. No it won't hurt a thing. You don't want to use a restore point that's more than a couple of weeks old and having a large portion of the drive dedicated to Sys Resto can hold restore points from a month or more prior thus wasting disk space and hindering performance.
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