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  1. yeah id like to report this email to the real fbi for him poseing as one thats highy illegal im sure
  2. lol figured as much darn scammers perhaps i should report this email or let it go? prolly got it from some dork on craiglist place is full of scams
  3. [email protected] ================ Federal Bureau of Investigation Anti-Terrorist And Monitory Crime Division. Federal Bureau Of Investigation. J.Edgar.Hoover Building Washington Dc Attn: Beneficiary, This is to Officially inform you that it has come to our notice and we have thoroughly Investigated with the help of our Intelligence Monitoring Network System that you are having an illegal Transaction with Impostors claiming to be Prof. Charles C. Soludo of the Central Bank Of Nigeria, Mr. Patrick Aziza, Mr Frank Nweke, Dr. Philip Mogan, none officials of Oceanic Bank, Zenith Banks, Barr. Derrick Smith, kelvin Young of HSBC, Ben of FedEx, Ibrahim Sule,Larry Christopher, Dr. Usman Shamsuddeen, Dr. Philip Mogan, Puppy Scammers are impostors claiming to be the Federal Bureau Of Investigation. During our Investigation, we noticed that the reason why you have not received your payment is because you have not fulfilled your Financial Obligation given to you in respect of your Contract/Inheritance Payment. Therefore, we have contacted the Federal Ministry Of Finance on your behalf and they have brought a solution to your problem by cordinating your payment intotal USD$11,000.000.00 in an ATM CARD which you can use to withdraw money from any ATM MACHINE CENTER anywhere in the world with a maximum of $4000 to $5000 United States Dollars daily. You now have the lawful right to claim your fund in an ATM CARD. Since the Federal Bureau of Investigation is involved in this transaction, you have to be rest assured for this is 100% risk free it is our duty to protect the American Citizens. All I want you to do is to contact the ATM CARD CENTER via email for their requirements to proceed and procure your Approval Slip on your behalf which will cost you $250.00 only and note that your Approval Slip which contains details of the agent who will process your transaction. CONTACT INFORMATION NAME: MR. DANIEL SMITH EMAIL: [email protected] Do contact Mr. Daniel Smith of the ATM CARD CENTRE with your details: FULL NAME: HOME ADDRESS: TELL: CELL: CURRENT OCCUPATION: BANK NAME: AGE: So your files would be updated after which he will send the payment information’s which you'll use in making payment of $250.00 via Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram Transfer for the procurement of your Approval Slip after which the delivery of your ATM CARD will be effected to your designated home address without any further delay. We order you get back to this office after you have contacted the ATM SWIFT CARD CENTER and we do await your response so we can move on with our Investigation and make sure your ATM SWIFT CARD gets to you. Thanks and hope to read from you soon. ROBERT S. MUELLER, III DIRECTOR, FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE WASHINGTON, D.C. 20535 Note: Do disregard any email you get from any impostors or offices claiming to be in possession of your ATM CARD, you are hereby advice only to be in contact with Mr. Daniel Smith of the ATM CARD CENTRE who is the rightful person to deal with in regards to your ATM CARD PAYMENT and forward any emails you get from impostors to this office so we could act upon and commence investigation. ============ WTH i don't give money to anyone i have no idea what all this is lol i do have a wireless signal i use on this pc unless someone stole my signal and doing things they shouldnt........ *edit uh fyi i didnt read the whole letter i was kinda like damit someone trying to scam me so i didnt bother if something else is going on i didnt notice cause i didnt read it please let me know lol*
  4. i got a messege from someone i don't know on my yahoo asking me to copy and paste a link to see them nude wth was that? i thought i was safe..... kasper and bit defender didnt find anything what was that?
  5. ah i see don't worrie law i learned my lesson from last time lol
  6. thanks i posted the HJT i named it game lol and something is up with my pc i hear it loading when im not even doign anything but leaveing it siting there at screen with nothing on also how do i delete restore points?
  7. I have a few questions ok i have trojans that reproduces im guessing antimaleware allways finds them and removes them but it finds them again next scan i don't feel safe! i feel like my lifes in danger who knows what kind they are now to the questions ========================== antimalwares virus vault is full and when it finds threats it ask to delete them does it delete them from pc or keep them on it? cause it allways finds same ones ======================== #2 when i remove viruses from vault they do return to pc or does it delete them from it? ========== #3 could haveing more then one virus scan screw things up? i have super anti spyware antimalware and avg and avg says im not even protected some files report an error ============= if any one can help me fully protect my self to where i feel safe again i'll be very very very VERY greatful ==================== 4th question is it true some viruses hide from HJT? someone said change the name of hjt to something else ============= also my friend made a restore point to the day i got infected thats the problem isnt it? he said he did it just incase removeing stuff hurts my pc.......... can i fix ths in anyway at all? ================ final note i'll make a HJT log soon and hope someone helps i just wanna feel safe again sorry for the wall of text im just scared right now i do not feel safe at all i hope yall can actually read this topic lol
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