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  1. No, I never used the photos as a background or a slideshow. I thought that the calendar problem was solved, but I'm still having issues. Occasionally, its calendar and text become so big that most of it is off of the screen! Does anyone know how the Microsoft Desktop itself is controlled? Maybe the problem is with the desktop and not the Active Desktop Calendar. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for all your help. I'm really learning a lot! I have been in contact with the makers of the Active Desktop Calendar program. They are baffled too, but told me to check for a program that controls what is appearing on the desktop. I couldn't find one, but found something odd. When I right clicked on my desktop, clicked on properties, and selected the desktop tab, I found many, many more choices for backgrounds than I had before. The choices turned out to be the photos in "My Pictures"! Do you have any idea how they got there and what I can do to keep them out? I ended up burning
  3. can you u8ninstall the active desktop and redownload it again is your java the latest version in your control panel system hardware device manager any yellow or red marks I bought the Active Desktop over the INTERNET and downloaded it, so I don't have a copy of it. I just downloaded the latest version of Java. There are no yellow or red marks in the device manager. Thanks for your time.
  4. Rule of thumb is to only have one Antivirus program installed and scheduled to run. More than one will conflict. Also one Firewall only. You can have more than one Antispyware program installed, but only have one running and the others to run manually or again they will conflict. WinPatrol is a wonderful program and should always be showing in your systems tray and activated. As far as your program "Active Desktop Calendar" is concerned, I don't know that program, but is it enabled in Startup? To find out, right click My computer> manage> 'Services and Applications' in th
  5. In desperation, I disabled Win Patrol, Avast, and AVG. Then I shut off the computer and restarted it. Same thing happened again. The calendar shows for about five seconds, then disappears. It's as though something is shutting it off.
  6. I only have one antivirus protection running. Thanks.
  7. Hi! I'm new at this, so please tell me if I'm at the wrong site, wrong forum, wrong topic, etc. Thanks... My problem is this: I have a program called "Active Desktop Calendar" that is supposed to appear on my desktop when I start up the computer. It does appear, but only for about 3 seconds. Then, it disappears. I constantly tinker with the computer and I have no idea what I've done this time. I am using Windows XP, WinPatrol, Avast, AVG, Windows Defender. Thanks for you help.
  8. The control key is on the bottom row of the keyboard, at the far left. It's abreviated as ctrl. If you hold it down as you turn the wheel on the mouse, the text size will change.
  9. That's it! You were right! Thank you, thank you!
  10. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, because I'm a real novice, I don't understand your instructions... Could you take it a little more slowly and include step-by-step instructions? Thanks so much.
  11. Hi all... Above the taskbar, down by the clock, I used to have a thing I could click on to enlarge the text in the window. It said, "100" or "100%". When I clicked on it, it said "125" and the text got larger in that window. Another click made it say "150". I really loved that option, but it has disappeared! Can anyone help me retrieve it? Thanks!
  12. I have used Avast for years and been very happy with it. Every day when I turn my computer on, Avast checks for updates and adds them if needed.
  13. Hooray! I finally found "Snowy Enchantment" buried in a folder on my c drive and REMOVED it! Thanks for all of your help. You folks are great!
  14. Hi! I ran the SUPERAntiSpyware and removed more junk. Thanks for mentioning it - it's now added it to my tools! After floundering around, I finally found out what "Snowy Enchantment" is. It is a screen saver that I apparently downloaded quite a while ago. Unfortunately, I can't remember the password and it can't be removed without it. Even more unfortunately, the screen saver doesn't even work. Is there some other way to remove it? Thanks again.
  15. Thanks 8210GUY. I'll download and run SUPERAntiSpyware right now.
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