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  1. LOL! HAHAHAHA! G5, macintosh-G5 logitech mouse-Very clever-AND FUNNY HAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! But seriously What he said. Also could the mouse cable be faulty in any way? Possibly there is loose wire(s) at the USB connector or mouse end.
  2. I have a question about this. Would it be possible to install one of these mobile linux applications on an ipaq as the main OS? I mean could you install it to the main memory instead of booting it from a flash card?
  3. But there aren't linux drivers specifically for the BT/2Wire adaptor that I want to use! I understand you could use windows drivers with a tool like ndiswrapper as bg1256 pointed out, but how many companies make drivers meant for linux? And what do you mean installing drivers from a LiveCD is beyond my skills? Could I find a tutorial on it, and would it require using my slow older Pentium 4 computer (my only one working properly) which I REALLY don't want to use. Third of all, for your FYI right now I can't really try linux properly as my RAM is faulty and I can't install it to my HDDs
  4. http://www.2wire.com/pages/pdfs/USB_Adapte...nstallation.pdf I think the adapter in this instruction manual is mine but I'm not sure. It looks like mine though but still I'm not sure. The reason I'm not sure is because the adapter that I have was sold by BT, and though it has the 2Wire logo in red on it, and device manager reports it is a 2Wire network card, it was sold with the name "BTVoyager1050 Wireless USB Adapter" which is what BT call it. Anybody outside the UK probably won't know what BT are, BT are a well known telecomunications company here in the UK and they do broadband
  5. Sorry to bring this topic back up but I know now that the network problems are definatly an issue, I really need help to get the internet in knoppix working. I posted about this in another topic too. http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?show...p;#entry1437695 Thanks in advance to anybody who helps.
  6. Darn. I posted about this problem in the linux forum and I didn't even intend to get a reply there as it's a forum to discuss about linux, and I didn't get much help there. When I posted in there about it in that forum I just wanted to know something before, but now I know this is definatly an issue of some sort, and so I thought I should post about it here instead. http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showtopic=147951
  7. I think that's kind of obvious mel8 but thanks for making a follow up to my post.
  8. SimonSmith

    New Machine

    Geez! I've just been on the intel site and that processor is amazing! I didn't even know there were any new intel processors that were better than AMD. I take back what I said Bruce, nice machine altogether!
  9. SimonSmith

    New Machine

    Here's a tip Aren't AMD processors better than intel? Maybe you should have got an AMD. But still pretty cool system! When you add another 500Gig HDD you should have 1TB storage space in total!
  10. I'm not sure about this but I think I read in a tutorial that there is a small coin-like battery on the motherboard which keeps all BIOS settings including the password stored, remove this battery and your password should be reset BUT BE WARNED ALL YOUR BIOS SETTINGS WILL BE WIPED OUT AND YOU WILL HAVE TO SET THEM ALL AGAIN! But considering you want to change some settings anyway I'm sure you won't mind having to set it all again. If you don't know how to remove the motherboard battery then read the manual for your motherboard or search for more info. Again I'm not sure about this but I r
  11. I dunno. It was just something I heard about ages ago and I can't even remember where. Something about a linux distro having allot more security problems compared with windows. If that's true then I suggest if it ever becomes a mainstream OS instead of windows, then they should fix said problem.
  12. I read somewhere you don't get much tech support with linux (not that you get much with windows anyway) I guess that was wrong. Not bad for an OS which is free. I also heard though that linux has quite allot of security holes that hackers could easily get into. Think I read something about there being more security holes than windows. Then again, I've got a wireless router with wired ports as well so I guess I'm ok anyway. And right now I am testing out linux, I'm using knoppix linux because of linux's BADRam feature as most of my memory is bust. I don't think knoppix update
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