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  1. Instead of looking for ways to knock someone down,try saying thank you and move on.Does it really matter if it,s original or not,this is the 1st time I,ve seen it. Thank You X-C
  2. You can clean your keyboard and make it like new with a cleaner called CYBER CLEAN which gets dust,dirt etc,from under keys as well as cleaning the top of keys.I have used it over an over and it always does great.Can be purchased at Radio Shack for 2 0r 3 $,s
  3. Please,would you be so kind as to explain,,,, how that rehab and detox facility has anything to do with the TOPIC of Forwarding E/Mail,,,
  4. One more thing I tried a dozen times to use the excption tool and it would never let you add anything,also the trusted site tool ,,did the same and I entered several items but it still hit or blocked them
  5. I,ve been using Trend Micro for the past 8 or so mnths,and have had nothing but problem after problem with no help or even a rply to any of them except a We have recieved your E Mail and will be contacting you with in 24-to 48 hrs(and of coarse a ticket #,which they say you need to submit when reply)and also have notice that it never seemed to hit on any virus,s I thought HEY THATS GREAT,this must really stop or block them real good.FALSE When I ran a free virus scan it hit on over 100 and once they were fixed my P/C ran light a bolt of lightning.One more thing,,,It was also hitting on files a
  6. kriket

    XP Tweaks

    After reading this I now can honestly say that if I wasn,t sure that my knowledge on a computer was very weak I now can erased all doubts I,m worse than I thought .Could someone please tell me what OPENSuSe 11.0 countdown is and what does it do.Thank You PS I,d like to say Thank You to all of you people who give,s your time and knowledge to people like myself a chance to learn more and a little easier to enjoy.God Bless You all
  7. Thank you very much for sharing this with me,it was very kind of you.Bobby from boston ma
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