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  1. Lets see a test.. Did I miss it? Would like to see how it scores before I order mine lol
  2. To me it looks ok for a Budget.. But playing with VISTA you may want to get at least 4 gigs of ram. Allot say dont mess with it if it only has 2 gigs. I do not run vista so I am not sure about that.. What type of price range are you looking at/. And if you got the extra dough throw this in for her.. It will keep up with the AMD monsters http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819103773
  3. I built one for my brother using that exact same case.. I would put it on par with a TT armor case in terms of air flow.. They have parts to make it a BTX case. Allot of media storage and as you said with the psu at the bottom makes for easier card casing. But be warned if your mobo has an 8 pin connection you will need to get an extender(at least I did) he has had it for some time now and loves it. His temps (on air) stay around 29c idle and 38c full load prime 95 for 48 hours. (But has an AMD 5600+
  4. Nice system... Why not go the extra and get the quad? Waiting till November for the new ones.. although I have allot of stuff to put in already All I need is the cpu, motherboard and video card. I ight get the Stacker, still between that and another TT armor case. SO all in all I will spend about the same (maybe a little more) But like they say as long as you like it.' Bet it is faster than the AMD machines lol...That is why I am switchting
  5. Works for me.. Seems a little slow but I think Vonage is slowing me down a bit..
  6. Wow 170 for the 5600+ I paid 159 for the 6000+ lol..
  7. What is your average speed? You have 56k speeds right now... When My cable or DSL used to mess up I would unplug it for at least 10 minutes so it can forget anything it has stored,,Unplugging it and plugging it right back in does nothing.
  8. So Plain ol C- Ballistix will do the job then?
  9. Mine is kind of Boring...But it is nice and clean and easy to get to stuff lol..
  10. I am good with pcp&p I have their quad on this box now. (red though) I love tagens as well. As for the Cpu I am not going to upgrade for at least another year, so gonna wait till the new cpu's come out in November and get one of those.. As for the memory don't know why I just love Ballistix lol.. Going to get higher rated ram anyway.. This way I can get a higher stable overclock. ( I think)
  11. Thanks allot.. I am one who can wait a month for the next gen things.. Thanks for tipping me off. Will hold off on the cpu for now..
  12. no problem... I was agreeing with ya.. I just never heard of it till you said it.. I dont have the money really lol.. As I just built this box.. But Credit cards are meant to be used I spose.. And when the wife says it is ok you take it and run with it
  13. I have used crucial ballistix for so long and it has treated me very welll.. But will look at it Already switching my main AMD for the dark side on Intel lol.. I dont look at it as blowing a grand.. Now if I look at blowing the money on AMD again that would be a waste
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