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  1. Well here my news! I tried something to fix the freeze problem! I went at nvidia control panel and put the 3D settings like this! Somehow the problem got fixed! At night I managed to play more than one hour! Tomorrow morning after one hour of gaming my pc got a "freeze" again! (sorry my english suck :S) It seems really to be an over-heating problem! After I rebooted the pc I checked the GPU temperature! It went over 85*! Now it shows only 68* but if I open the l2 game again it will go over 85* again! What can I do to fix this over-heating problem??? I will put a fan but is this enough to prevent an over-heating?? Any ideas will be appreciated!
  2. Try http:-//-vixy(dot)net/ It's a site for downloading videos from youtube just by putting the url! Sometimes it fails to convert a video or it will stuck! If that happens just try again! I have been told that you can you can also download videos from other sites but so far only from youtube I managed to download!
  3. Which is..........??? If you have a screenshot of what I need to fix ,can you post it?? It will be easier for me to understand!
  4. Ι can fix the fan problem by putting another but for the power supllier.............................. Well to be honest I have all the devices of my computer and the modems in one only socket!(I don't know if I said it right - my english are pretty bad ) Does this have anything to do??
  5. What do I have to do to find them?><(As I said I'm a novice :S )
  6. I see that you have Nvidia GeForce 7300 GS ,just like me I had the same problem with even lower video perfomance than yours! I fixed it(somehow) when I installed from NVIDIA a 3D stereo driver but I don't know if it's safe to do this since although I have now 50% of the original video perfomance(wich is quite good),whenever I make a driver scan it shows me that I have the wrong driver! But as I said my video perfomance got better!(but my pc still freezes whenever I play lineage 2 ) Anyway if you want me to post a link to try it out just say so! Ooo and don't to forget to go at NVdia control panel and move the bar all the way to the left for better video perfomance!
  7. Eeerrr..............you know I'm still a novice so I didn't understand where you want me to look! I installed the program that you gave me in the link and it has some very usefull information! But It won't help if I don't know where to look and what should I change! Anyway here are the system temperatures! I don't think there is a problem with the temperature! There is something else tha caught my attention! I'm used to open 2 windows when I play Lineage 2! While I did that, I looked at my RAM and it's being used at almost 800 mb Does this have anything to do with the freezes I get?? Anyway that "ram timing" you said! Where should I look for that?
  8. I have cleaned the inside 2 weeks before! I will clean it again but I don't think that's the problem! I don't have any overheating problems! My CPU won't go more than 52*(I don't know if I said it correct )
  9. I had this problem from the first time I installed Lineage 2 to my pc! I would play normally for 10-20 minutes and then the pc would freeze! Ctrl+alt+delete wouldn't work,the only way was to rr the pc! I formated and reinstall Windows and still had this problem! I installed some drivers to improve video perfomance and still my computers freezes while playing Lineage 2! Anyway here my test results:http://www.pcpitstop.com/pcpitstop/Summary...6RJHWWQ44VS76EV If someone needs some additional information just say so! I would appreciate your help!(sorry for my bad english)
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