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  1. Skulltrail is no dumber than running triple-SLI with $1800 worth of 8800Ultras and getting spanked in benchmarks by two 3870X2s that combined to cost $900. Running triple-SLI or quadfire other than for benching is also pretty pointless. However I do know several people who would love to have a dual-socket 771 board that actually supported FSB overclocking, although they couldn't care less about SLI, CF, or having the QX9775.
  2. Truth be told, you can always change the windows clock to say whatever (unless you're on a corporate network or something, but then I highly doubt you'll get much OC'ing done). At some point we have to count on honesty.
  3. What? If you really want high clocks with weak cooling, stay with dual cores. A 5000+ BE from AMD or an E8400 from Intel would be the best bets there. Or just wait for the Q9450 coming at some time, that will clock past 3 GHz on air with ease. But uh, my B3 Xeon 3220 (Q6600 equivalent) went to 3.3 GHz on air cooling, and the newer G0 versions go higher. I know several people running 24/7 at 100% load ([email protected]) with Q6600s at 3.6 GHz or more on Thermalright Ultra120's. Anyway on topic, I can't wait to grab a 4870X2 (or two of them). It will also be interesting to see nVidia's re
  4. The thing a lot of people forget when comparing benchmarks between Windows and Linux is that not only is Linux itself faster than Windows, but the executable files are usually compiled with different tools - and GCC usually generates more efficient code than the M$ compiler does - so in addition to the different operating system you're also comparing two different programs even though they appear to essentially do the same thing at the user level they can be quite different underneath. I also see some comments in that Linux version of Super Pi about "the C source program was manually optimize
  5. Those look remarkably similar to the ones I have - I think you'll find them very good for benchmarking, but the old 8800 Ultra will still beat them in many games. Have fun!
  6. The Radeon 3870 is fairly weak by itself compared to GF8800, but put two in Crossfire and assault SLI 8800 Ultras! I love these cards.
  7. You probably need more voltage. I can only break 4 GHz at 1.55 Volts on a very cold day, usually it takes about 1.6 for 4 GHz and 1.65V for 4.2.
  8. IG left out one step, you have to first go into BIOS and set the SATA mode to RAID (it usually defaults to IDE emulation) in order to enable the CTRL-I for Intel RAID setup. Then follow his directions after that. I don't know which screen that will be in for Abit BIOS, but it's never been difficult to find for me in Gigabyte or Asus BIOSes. Get ready for something that looks like it's from 1987 with the Intel Matrix RAID or whatever they call it setup screen. It will wipe everything on the disks out when you set them to RAID anyway, no real need to clean them manually. You have to use a
  9. I'd like to say thanks a lot to Shogan, Flew, Lou, Simonsells, caintry boy, and anybody else behind the scenes for doing a fantastc job running the contest! Great job guys! Congrats to all the contestants for a fine effort and superb sportsmanship all around. I'm not sure what to get yet, but I'm sure something will present itself. Naturally I just bought a new mobo last week because I figured I never win anything. I might build my parents a new PC to replace their 1.4 GHz P4.
  10. Hey that's awesome, thanks guys! I think this is the first time in my life I've won anything random!
  11. OK looks like they have one more set of keys if you're a fileplanet subscriber (the previous batch was open to the public). Here's the link: http://www.fileplanet.com/promotions/crysis/beta/
  12. Fileplanet. I've got it too but they're not issueing any more keys as far as I know. It's OK but doesn't really blow me away.
  13. [hwbot]MeltDown - 220252 - Core 2 Q6700 @ 4100 - Nvidia 8800 Ultra @ 725 / 1200[/hwbot] http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u38/sen...ob/am3_220k.jpg
  14. I use the Thermalright Ultra 120 to run my server with a Xeon 3220 (= Q6600). It's fine up to 3.2 GHz then it starts to get hot, but this is an old B3 quad not the newer cooler G0 version.
  15. Looks nice! There goes my position in the open though... I'm holding out for the QX9650 myself!
  16. I don't think that's worth it personally - too expensive. I just use distilled water + Hydrx for 1/10 the cost. I'm sure it works fine if you don't mind the price.
  17. Reservoir: (comes with barbs for all tubing sizes, you install the largest ones) http://www.jab-tech.com/Swiftech-MCRES-Micro-pr-3093.html Tubing: (Sold by the foot - you probably need around 5 feet depending on your case layout) http://www.jab-tech.com/ClearFLEX-60-Tubin...OD-pr-2829.html Reinforcing plastic coils: 40 inches - you pick the color Blue colored Red colored Greenish Yellow colored
  18. ID = Inside Diameter OD = Outside Diameter You want either 7/16" or 1/2" ID to go with the Danger Den D5 pump. The 5/8" OD tubing is easier to work with than the 3/4" OD tubing for a given ID, but can also kink more easily. That's why you use the plastic coils you see around the tubing on a lot of the water cooled systems if you go look through this thread: http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showtopic=86631
  19. Would you look at that - Fudzilla got something right! And here I was hoping it would be something cool like the 2950XTX coming out of the blue, and this is what we get. Edit: Here's some more info on this thing at xbit: http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/cpu/display/20070925185344.html
  20. Yeah the bot got stupid today for a while. It took away some of my points too , then gave them back tonight . It looks like it gave yours back too.
  21. It's probably the super awesome 65nm 5000+ "Black Box" CPU with unlocked multi. I mean it comes in a black box, it must be cool, right? http://en.hardspell.com/doc/showcont.asp?news_id=1490 http://www.fudzilla.com/index.php?option=c...3&Itemid=35
  22. The pump usually has the barbs molded in - so they can't be changed. The Apogee and radiator and reservoir all have threaded holes that you install the right size barbs in to match your system. On some parts like the Swiftech ones they'll come with 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" barbs and you install the right ones. On other components you have to order the barbs seperately. I'd go 1/2" if you can. The only real drawback is it takes more space and the tubing has a larger bend radius but still not bad.
  23. 1/2" flows a lot more. Plus that pump is set up for 1/2" anyway (at least the Swiftech version is, confirm with Miggs) so you don't want to deal with two different sizes of tubing. Yeah the micro-res is big enough. Some people run without reservoirs at all and just use T-lines.
  24. Yes. Get this one:Swiftech Micro-Res - $16.99 The pump Miggs has should be fine for an Apogee GT.
  25. One more update MeltDown Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 (not QX6700) Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P eVGA 8800 Ultra (single card, no SLI) 2 GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC2-6400 3dMark05 --- 23154 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=3473445 3dMark06 --- 16079 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=3102624 PCMark05 --- 13306 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?pcm05=1104698 Total 52539 Edit: Used the right ORB links
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