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    AMD AM2 6000+ DC<br />2 8800 GT<br />3x 7200.10 250gb Sata 3.0gb/s 16mb cache raid 0<br />Lite-on DVD and CD-Rom<br />1000w Silverstone SLI ready<br />4 gig of Corsair DD2 SLI ready ram.<br />Crosshair MB

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    AMD AM2 6000+ DC 2 8800 GT 3x 7200.10 250gb Sata 3.0gb/s 16mb cache raid 0 Lite-on DVD and CD-Rom 1000w Silverstone SLI ready 4 gig of Corsair DD2 SLI ready ram. Crosshair MB
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  1. I could, but that would put that computer down for a while. The board was acting kind of weird earlier not seeing a HD I had used before on that system.
  2. If your saying why didn't I install the Nvidia raid drivers, I tried that but it did not accept them. it will only accept the SIL drivers but it gives me this line error. Sorry I left this out. File txtsetup.exe caused and unexpected error (512) & (1024) at line 1747 in d:xpsprtm\base\boot\setup\oemdisk.c.
  3. Now this copy of XP is OEM is there something that, that is messing this up?
  4. Yes I tried both Sis And Nvidia. It isn't that I don't have the right drivers from the DVD that was sent with the Motherboard they are corrupt when they are burnt to at Floppy. And when I down load the same drivers for making a Floppy from ASUS's web page it says it is not compatible for the device. It is like I can't catch a break and do not have drivers to install.
  5. OK the CD that came with the motherboard has the drivers on it, but when I make a disk for Raid driver install is not installing correctly and getting errors to the Floppy. I went to the ASUS web page for my mother board Crosshair, and downloaded the drivers for the Raid. Put them on the Floppy and windows says not the right drivers for this device. Silicon Image 3132 Raid 5 Driver This is the device I need the drivers for, I searched everywhere for them. Can I get some help? Thanks
  6. I am getting out of the vista circus. I have had nothing but problems with it in the past month. It has been deactivating every other day. Call MS they have me do different things I have reinstalled it 3 times now(full clean install) it works for a few days and then bamm it falls apart. I asked for my money back.
  7. It is a valid service but it is using up 50% of my CPU to run and it says in the description that is does not use enough to measure. I turned it off, if it has a problem with that oh well. http://www.pcpitstop.com/spycheck/SWDetail.asp?fn=SLsvc.exe
  8. Is this spy-ware or is this a actual service it is in the windows/system32 folder. SLsvc.exe
  9. Well gee thanks for your enthusiastic response, I will be sure the name my next kid after you.
  10. Yep No Go. Go ahead and remove me from the panel. I ran 03 just fine with my GTS's I guess the GT's don't like it. I will play with it and see if I can get into the next round of challenges.
  11. Yea I have done both of those a few times in different orders. I will give it one more try and see what happens.
  12. Still didn't work. I have posted everywhere I could think of to find an answer. One person said to force my dual core to run on single core. Nothing is working. I may have to bow out of this I will keep on trying to figure it out. Thanks for your help.
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