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    AMD AM2 6000+ DC<br />2 8800 GT<br />3x 7200.10 250gb Sata 3.0gb/s 16mb cache raid 0<br />Lite-on DVD and CD-Rom<br />1000w Silverstone SLI ready<br />4 gig of Corsair DD2 SLI ready ram.<br />Crosshair MB

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    AMD AM2 6000+ DC 2 8800 GT 3x 7200.10 250gb Sata 3.0gb/s 16mb cache raid 0 Lite-on DVD and CD-Rom 1000w Silverstone SLI ready 4 gig of Corsair DD2 SLI ready ram. Crosshair MB
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  1. OK I have had a fit with this for the past few days. When I OC my stuff for better performance or just to see how far it can go, I get the re-activation screen and I can understand that if it is a significant change that I would need to do this. But when I go through the steps and it doesn't activate what do you do then? I have talked to MS on the phone for hours on end for two nights in a row about this and the last time I just had to reinstall the OS. It seems like they are watching me close now because I do any kind of change to the settings on my system it asks for a re-activation. Does this sound right? or am I just going nuts? lol
  2. I was wondering because I have noticed that the second card is always cooler than the #1 card. any thoughts? And for my first question HT is voltage that is the NB right?
  3. HT is controled by what? I assume the NB. 685/995 Am I right in thinking that only one of the cards are really getting the full brunt of OC when it is in SLI? So in saying that I should OC each of them one at a time and flash them?
  4. NvTune pic CPU temps in the 18 to 22 c video temps in the GPU 1 49 to 57 and GPU 40 to 47
  5. It says I have hardware problems. Fatal ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4 How do I find out what hardware it is talking about?
  6. I just bought my 6000+ I have not yet started to OC it, but soon.Now just a quick ? is it better to have the multiplier lower and bump the FSB up or vice versa?
  7. I know I saw where you can post if you hit the 4000, 5000... I can't find it now. Where is that?
  8. To slow of a download for me. 8.9 KBs. was the highest I could get it to go.
  9. looks good to me, but I think I would want them all running at the same speed, which core is running what? don't know that yet? right
  10. I am trying to figure out when I updated my scores I (that were higher) why my points went down. And how do I get a link for SisSoftsandra ?
  11. Looks like my wife may get a new computer, well my old one. hehe I may have to switch over to the other side if this keeps up.
  12. Here is a flash on this product. http://tw.giga-byte.com/FileList/WebPage/t...rcury_flash.swf & a review http://www.guru3d.com/article/cooling/444/
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